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Bad Boy Buggy for sale

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Bad Boy Buggy - 2006 model - 4 wheel drive. Includes all eight batteries which are in great shape. Recently upgraded all wiring between batteries. Includes portable charger and detachable roof. All 4 tires are in excellent shape. This model features engine braking and the ability to switch between 4-wheel and automatic. We used this on our land in Buffalo County and the machine is awesome for accessing stands quietly. We used to blow deer off our land when accessing stands via 4-wheeler, but this thing changed that dramatically. It was primarily used a few weekends a year for hunting and a few times in the summer for setting stands, etc. The only reason I'm selling it is because we got a new one at an auction at a screaming deal. Get a Bad Boy for the upcoming bow will change the way you hunt. If you're interested, you can call me at 414-698-7132 - it's located currently in SE Wisconsin but will consider delivery to a reasonable location. Asking price is $6500.


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Bad boy Buggy

You say you may deliver?
Is the UK to far?:)
I am looking for just what you have but may be a bit to far to come to see it.
Could you tell me what it is like compared to the Ranger EV:I have test driven the ranger and was quite pleased with it's performance.

The price you are asking equates to about £4500 so shipping may be an option.
I will look into the cost of shipping to the Uk could you do the same if you still have it please.

I am planing a trip to the USA to shoot some PG's and Coyote (if they are not to far!) this will happen next year I hope.

Look forward to hearing from you..


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