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After 10 days of hunting it's back to work. Was able to spend 8 of the 10 out in the woods. It was a great time. Killed a small buck and a doe, saw several other smaller bucks and had a nice 2.5 year old 7 point walk up to within 10 yards. I thought he would jump out of his skin when he finally saw me. Had the crew from Ohio stay with us for the holidays and was able to take the boys out a couple of times, they saw some deer but didn't connect, they had a great time because it was their first hunting experience. I am hoping it will become tradition around Thanksgiving.

Disappointed that I haven't been able to connect on either of the two trophy bucks I have seen and not had shots at but there is still a lot more season left if someone hasn't bagged them.

I have a new spot to hunt this year, we just got the lease signed for next year on 3,300 acres of prime time hunting land. I am real excited about this area and have spent several days scouting and getting to know the place. We have a serious problem with poachers but hopefully that will get better. Anyone who wants to hunt the SE TN area can send me a message and I will get an application to you. Right now we have 12 hunters and are looking to have 25 total.
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