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Back Strap Medallions!! Yum Yum

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Just cooked up some back strap tonight at the station using the recipe in the recipe section. It turned out awesome. Our rookie fireman had never had deer before and he said he would never had known it was deer. The medallions were butterflied so I place the jalapeno pepper halves in the center of the cuts and followed the recipe to the tee and wow!! Just thought I would let you know in case you haven't tried that recipe yet. By the way I used Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce instead of the home made sauce that it called for.
So I guess I didn't follow it totally to the tee.

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Thats cool that it turned out that good. Was it alot of straps to feed a bunch of firemen or a little bit?
It was 8 pieces about 2-3" in diameter so we each had 2 medallions.
Im happy to see the recipes get used in that section from time to time.. I was wondering if any of ya'll ever used it..

They sound good. Next time let us know and we can have a deer hunting meeting in the firehall and eat your cooking.. woo hoo!
Im having medallions tonight:ibtl:
Are you using the same recipe thats on the site? If so your going to like it.

nope made it with sesame oil,olive oil and mccormick steak seasoning and honey,then under the broiler:thumbup:
Wow that sounds great too. I'll have to try that some day.
marinate overnight for best taste,the honey and sesame oil really make it POP:wink:
Ok thanks I will remember to do that. Thanks.
asian supermarkets have the best sesame oil by the way:wink:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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