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Back from Dixie Academy Deer Hunt in Alabama

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Made it back to TN yesterday afternoon. I enjoyed the trip to AL and all the good folks I got to meet and hang out with over the weekend.

I know I wanted to come back with some good deer hunting stories for you fellows but that just didnt happen. One guy I hunted with made this comment on the trip.

"If we would have went to a drive thru window and ordered the worst possible deer hunting weather they had, this weather we are hunting in is what they would have gave us."

The friday evening hunt was pretty much the only day where you could say the weather wasnt a factor. I hunted a shooting house overlooking a food plot that appeared to be kept freshly mowed down by every deer in the county. I seen 5 does on this hunt but kept my finger off the trigger the entire time. Early Saturday morning is when the bad weather moved in. Heavy rain and high winds from that point on. Saturday morning I hunted a stand in the woods until the rain pushed me out of that stand and into a shooting house several 100 yards from me. Zero deer seen that day. Sunday I was in a killer location, but yet again zero deer for this day either. The rain wasnt bad on Sunday but the wind was gusting up to probably 25 mph and steady 14 to 15 all morning.

There was 6 of us staying in a cabin (only 4 of us hunting though) with well over a 1000 acres of land we could hunt. 14 food plots, comfortable shooting houses, ladder and lock on stands in the woods, and guides willing to take us or pick us up at any time we chose.

The weekend before we went the temps were in the 20s. Our weekend there they hung around the high 50s most of the time.

Would I go back? Without a doubt. The price of the hunt isnt high, they have a healthy managed deer herd, good food, good conversation with the guys that run this hunt. The place we were on had a 153 inch deer taken by the guy guiding us 2 years prior. (153 inches is good anywhere you go and especially good for the state of AL) Some darn good shooter bucks on trail cams that had been set up on the place prior to us getting there that are still walking around those woods right now.
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Glad you got to go and see something new. Mother nature sometimes proves to be too much. Sounds like a pretty nice set-up though.
glad you had a good time. its not that far from you so a trip back is very doable. good deal
Just talked to the guy that guided last weekend. He had another benefit hunt on the place we hunted. In a day and a half they got 7 does, 2 hogs, and 2 good bucks. Rut in full swing. ERR!! I barely missed it.
He just sent me this one on the phone. Good deer.

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He's a nice buck!!!! Is that guy wearing a T shirt?????????????????
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