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awesome christmas!!

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we do gifts on xmas eve at the in-laws place, so i got my presents early. this was made even more awesome because my wife got me a set of G5 Montecs and carbon express ST3's fixed blades, her parents gave me $175 basspro card, and her brother got me a machete. i plan on upgrading my bow with the BP card, any suggestions? im using an old pse nova, thinking maybe a hoyt or mathews or even another pse, on a budget though. $400-500
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My brother, dad, and myself all bought new Bear Lights Out bows this year. Very smooth, accurate and quiet. My brother got a nice 8 point this year that probably scored in the low 140's. I paid $375 for mine at Cabelas.
Congrats on the bow hunting gifts.. You will enjoy those more than socks!
Congrats on a great Christmas don't forget to look at Reflex bows as well VERY happy with mine they are owned by Hoyt
check out the Bass Pro Toxik model made by Diamond bows, these are great bows for the money.
After all these years I now have a heavy duty meat grinder. Haven't been this excited since 1968 when I got a Remington 870 wingmaster under the tree. Either it doesn't take much to excite this old man or there will always be just a little boy in every man.:w00t:
Congrats on the bow hunting gifts.. You will enjoy those more than socks!
Grandma gave me of some those too!!! thanks for the suggestions i forgot about those reflexes i'll check those out
i got a mathews mission x4 for christmas and i love it, took three doe this late season already.... but you should look at the diamond bows or a pse x force
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