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My 11 son will be deer hunting for the first time this next weekend. I was able to get him into a special hunt but it is for doe only. Is there an effective scent or call for doe at this time of the year?

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where are you from? using calls, scents and how you approach a hunt are different in some parts of the country.
If you're here in the NorthEast my advice would be to avoid all scents and calls for now, Scents and calls can help a hunt but they can also hurt a hunt.
The best advice for now is Scent control and movement in the woods, move very slowly... Those are the key ingredients for success.
If the Deer don't smell you and your movements don't give you a way, your son should be able to easily harvest a Deer.

Wash all clothing with Liquid Clothing Wash.

Shower with, anti deodorant Body Wash.

and use scent killer Shampoo.

and use Anti Perspirant Deodorant.

And Before you head into the woods be sure to spray down with Scent Killer 99%.
Good Luck to you and your son...
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