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Attracting deer

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I have recently started a food plot and I left food throughout the trails. The food on the trails are eaten throughout the night, but they don't seem to reach the plot. Any suggestions?
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What are you leaving on the trails? Could be another type animal eating it.

The deer will have no issue at all finding any type of food that they like. Leaving a trail for them to follow so they can find it is not needful. If you planted something they like than when its ready they will start wearing it out.

What did you plant in your plot?
The plot that I was referring to was deer corn and apples. I dropped apples and bananas throughout the trails and they were eaten. The ground is rocky so, it is kind of hard to find any tracks. In a different location I poured a gallon of Deer Cane to create a mineral plot and I saw signs of activity on the two following days but, I have since seen no signs. A couple friends have told me that C'mere Deer would be a good way to go and to spray it high and low on the trees and foliage so that the wind will carry the scent further.
Try putting your corn and apples up on the food plot
When they mill around they will find it
I have a camera on a trophy rock with deer cane poured around it and the deer come across my plots just to check it out
I've seen those trophy rocks in the store but, I wasn't sure how they work. I will have to get one next time I'm at the store. Thanks.
Any good suggestions as to picking a good spot to start a plot? My plot that I used the Deer Cane on is about 40-50 yards of open field and then another 20 yards or so or wooded area from my front door. Is this too close to my house where I have dogs?
I find that deer dont like dogs so much
I have watched them listen to the bark and run the opposite way
Just like they will do a 4 wheeler

Put the cane some were you would want to see the deer while hunting
Good post from delbert. If I hunt around my house the dogs would have to be put up. If they spot a deer that start running them.

Find what looks like a used spot in the woods to look for a spot for your deer cane. We look for old stumps to pour out our stuff on.

Here is an article on some random deer attractants. It may show you a few ideas.

When your talking about a plot are you referring to actual planting of some type. Corn, turnips, clover, etc.? Or are you talking about just pouring out a pile of corn and apples in one spot?
I have to seperate spots. In the first spot I cleared the ground and poured an entire gallon of Deer Cane just as the jug says and the second spot is a tree stump that i originally poured corn all over and around then later added apples to. I have not actually planted anything. Should I get a bag of clover seeds? My prooerty is riddled with poison ivy. Don't deer tend to feed on it in the colder months?
I have not actually planted anything. Should I get a bag of clover seeds? My prooerty is riddled with poison ivy. Don't deer tend to feed on it in the colder months?
If its damp ground clover will grow , if its dryer oats or wheat will grow real easy with not much ground work
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