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Arrow flight??

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Guys, I'm having an issue with my arrow flight.I am shooting a bass pro Red Head XP-32 bow set at 65lbs. my arrows are Gold tip Expedition Hunter 5575 with 4" feathers and 75gr muzzy. Here is the problem. I increased my poundage to 69-70 to try to gain a little more speed, which it did. So naturally I was shooting to reset my sights and at 10 and 20 yards things were fine. at 30, 35 and 40 yards everything is flying way off to the upper left of target.WAY UP and Left. Any thoughts would help. I'm stumped!
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I think your broad head is way to light. Go to at least 90gr or better yet 100gr. The speed will not do you any good if you can't hit the mark. If you still want the speed thing go to a lighter shaft. Gold Tip has a new shaft out the might fit the bill. If money is not a problem you can change to the arrows I mentioned , 2" blazer veins, and a 85 or 90gr head. Personally I don't think it is necessary. This set up will increase your speed about 8 to 10%.
wmi, I think the arrow flight should start showing the high left pattern with each yardage, very gradually at first then the farther out the more dramatic the impact distance from center. Just maxing out the bow limbs 5 lb should only change the impact area making it slightly high. Unless the arrow spine weights were miminal to start I can't see that as a problem. I wonder if the limbs are not equal (maybe called tiller)??? brace height is no longer equal? Extra draw weight can cause one to put more pressure on the grip which with a right hand shooter (holding with left hand) torks the bow high left because of the extra effort to pull more weight, and you wont even know you're doing it. May want to take the bow to a pro shop and have them look it over, measure everything just to be sure.
are you shooting fingers or release? d loop? the other thing with increased poundage is you maybe chasing the string a little because of the extra weight. use a release with a d loop and make sure you hold your anchor point. other than that it could be a multitude of things.
I know there are terms for all of this but bottom line is his arrow has to have more nose weight. Right now I think he is tail heavy. Hey just put in heavier heads and try it out----What does that cost besides time? If he changes veins to a shorter, taller vein it will increase speed and stability. Last but not least he may need slightly longer arrows. Have faith guys.:bye: Could be he is just canting the bow due to extra poundage. This falls into trying to be a doctor by doing exams over the phone.
Here I thought we were meb MD's. :bag: I think we gave him plenty to think about and several things to try.:thumbup:
</SPAN>uote=Hunting Man;30649]Here I thought we were meb MD's. :bag: I think we gave him plenty to think about and several things to try.:thumbup:[/quote]
im no expert , but when my bow was set up by the pro shop i bought it off of he hooked me up with 100 grain brodheads, and arrows with a 90 lbs spine and it had a 70lbs. draw and shot awsome with that set up. so it makes sence to me that you try the heaver grain tip. id try the field pionts first and go from there sence field pionts are so much cheeper than broad heads. hope i helped in some way.
Update and mor info.

Guys, I shoot left handed, I do shoot a release w/ a D-loop. my Gold tips are cut to 28" minus knock and head, I did try some 100gr tips which changed nothing. I set my poudage back to 65 and it shot just fine at 40 yrds with grouping of 3-4 inches. So I am going to just leave it at 65, I have no issue with that. I just can't figure out why there is such a difference in 5 more lbs.:confused:
:wallbash:it sounds like the limbs are wearing out, unevenly, or something like that i can ask around here and see what they think. sorry not much help here
I don't believe its that, the bow is only tree years old. And I had it gone over at the local archery shop at the end of last season (to beat the crowd now). Im leaning toward the arrows and/or fletching.
It probably has something to do with the spline. Does it do it with field tips?:confused:
A 5575 Goldtip shaft is underspined at anything much over 64 lbs, with an average 28-29 inch draw, 85-100 grain head.
A heavier head would only add to your woes, but you should get by with a well tuned bow at 65lbs and a 100 grain or less head.
Shooting 69-70 lbs would probably require moving up to the 7595 Goldtip shaft for consistant arrow flight.
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