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We are not the only animals that use tools to hunt and survive. I have seen monkeys and birds pick up rocks and use them as tools to whack open an egg for a meal.

I bet this blacksand person loves a big ol porterhouse just like anyone else(if not I hope he eats a lot of tofu for protein-yuck). I have heard many folks that eat steak say that they won't eat deer because it is mean or inhumane to shoot them. Well I would rather roam free for years and be taken out grazing the land by a 30.06, then to be herded into a slaughter house one day and have to wait in line while I see the rest of my buddies bludgeoned to death in the head one at a time.

If this is a post for some reason to establish that hunting is not fair to the animals or inhumane, would it be more humane to stab a deer or strangle a deer to the death than to shoot it? I think not.

If and when you ever decide to man up and strangle one by hand I just hope there is a camera rolling and a hospital nearby.

I just thank the good lord that we have become so technologically advanced that BruceBruce has gotten his hands on the latest can of "Idiot-Be-Gone" spray. LMAO! :lol::lol::lol:
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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