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AR-10 cartridge

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Hi guys I just bought a DPMS LR308 with a 24in. stainless bull barrel,Im wondering what the best factory cartridge would be best for killing whitetail and hogs.Thanks for any advice
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d2wing that's some attitude you've got.
I don't know why you're carrying this chip on your shoulder the way you do but I think you should take some time to rethink why you came here and why you're choosing to leave.
SO FAR here at this site you've exercised a lot of your free speech and you're beginning to understand very well what gun rights are all about.

You came in here with high hopes and beliefs that some of us would cuddle your desire to use assault rifles to hunt with.
Well I'm sorry but our site is overloaded with ethical hunters and Ethical hunters don't make exceptions they stand firm on high ground,,,
Our members are going to tell you what you NEED to hear NOT what you WANT to hear...
Does this mean this subject has finally POOPED out.LOL:lol: Come on guys lets just agree to disagree and move on. No big deal for we are all hunters first and foremost.:wink:
Ok, one last comment. Do you think the guy that asked the question in the first place will be back? Like me, he was trying to glean useful info. I don't think he was looking to get jumped on for his choice of guns. Many veterans prefer the AR. If it's good enough to kill people for 40 years or so, it should be good enough for deer. I was looking for info, not a fight or pontification. All done now. Maybe not, Yes, I have lot's of attitude. It's one of my most charming features.
I'm still here,there are alot of good people on this site.One thing I've learned over the years is when you have a large group of people in one place their are people whos opinions are louder than the rest. What bugs me,is when they go as far as to turn their opinions into a poster that looks like it came straight from the Brady campaign.
Actually I'm starting to like this. I need a little humor from time to time.:wub:
Would the owner of the brady poster please stand up and be counted!:w00t:
If I can get a good deal on EBAY,,, maybe next year i'll try using the M114 155mm Howitzer. :wallbash:
41 - 47 of 47 Posts
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