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AR-10 cartridge

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Hi guys I just bought a DPMS LR308 with a 24in. stainless bull barrel,Im wondering what the best factory cartridge would be best for killing whitetail and hogs.Thanks for any advice
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a bolt gun, gator. i use an 03a3 chambered in .338 win mag. your right with work they can be very accurate. its the lipstck on a pig thing though. its still a combat weapon.
gator, its just the plublic impression we're concerned with. I will tell you if i saw a cammo clad guy with an ar 10 in the woods close to me, I would be on high alert mode. No question you have THE right to use it but is it really the best thing to do?
I try to respect everyones opinion,I belong to a 4000 member rifle & pistol club,you would be surprised at how many have started hunting with these style weapons.
but anyway hows everybody doin,cant wait to get out this weekend and try to out foxem.I took inventory Im out of straps and low on burger:shocking: hunting season must be here.
If you cant tell Im new to this whole computer thing,this is the first time Ive ever talked on line.Wish now I had taken a typing class in school when typing wasnt cool and just for sissys.
Just as long as it is 1 shot being heard throughout the deer woods, don't go full auto or anything:w00t: but if your OK using it and very confident in an ethical, humane way...........
BB their accurate you can take a tick off a dogs a_ _ at over 400yds. with right optics.
I know all about the AR's limited accuracy.
I can take the whiskers off the same Tick with my Ruger! :whistling:
That's pretty good old man, but I can put the whiskers back on with the weatherby 270wm. Heat bonded:w00t:
HM, I wouldn't doubt that a bit. I'd like a weatherby but I think my Ruger would be jealous.
Bruce, my dad got 4 270 Weatherby M5's, after he quit hunting and after my brother died I ended up with three of them. My sister /nephew has the 4th one. I really hate to hunt with them as they are heavy and the stock doesn't fit me very well. All have 3X9X44 Weatherby scopes on them. Kick like a mule but they do shoot fast and accurate. I would like to trade one for a 300 wm for elk, even though I know the 270 would knock their lights out. What's that model Ruger you're using?
Rugers are nice. I have a 77 rear tang safety in '06 with a laminate stock. nice shooter. it seems to be happy with whatever round I put down it for grouping. I also have a 1022 but who doesn't, and I have a 77 22 maybe the best 22 out there, and a 77 22 hornet a sweet little shooter. took a crow at 270 paces with the hornet. some think I'm a gun collector but I tell them I'm a gun accumulator. if one says take me home theres a good chance it'll happen. hard to go wrong with ruger
mine's an M77 MKII Ultra Light Carbine
ronn, accumulator that's appropriate. Feel same way sometimes. Like a stamp collector except you really get to do something with them.
Man, those tactical weapons for hunting sure do raise alot of stink. In my opinion, as I agree with most, AR's (all guns have a purpose and are made certain ways for very good reasons) are for combat. That is just what they are designed to do. They will definetly get the job done, but to me it would be like sending troops to war with .50 cal smoke poles. Those smoke poles are very lethal, but not very efficient in battle. I just worry about that thing called temptation. If you have large capacity mags and semi auto (at a minimum) it seems like there would be temptation there. And of course how some are these days and like to shoot at "movment" or a deer in high tram.
your right im sorry I ever posted the question never thought their would be so much contraversy,to me its know differant than any other rifle I own you learn how to shoot it,respect it,be safe with it,no problem.
Gator you are right. We as outdoors men view things very diff. the the rest of the population. The problem is the other half of the world and how they view things. Over the years they make it more and more difficult for us to enjoy our freedoms. Most of us just don't want to add fuel to the fire. Assault type weapons draw way too much attention and negativity from those whom which would like to take our freedoms away. These types of guns do not mean enough to me to possibly loose my freedom to hunt. This is a subject that has no end or right or wrong.
As and old deer hunter, I think AR's make good deer rifles. They are easy to carry and handle well, and mine is very accurate. I also hunt will a 7mm mag bolt action and 30-06 SA Remington. Due to shoulder injury I have started using guns like and ak type (Saiga) and an AR 15. For me the Ar is best because of the ease to carry use and light recoil. But then I don't see too many anti gun nuts in the woods, Where do you hunt? As far as the .308, my favorite is the 165 grain boattail, but 150 grain bullets are popular and do a good job. In my opinion the Ar-10 is a very good hunting weapon. I am not too worried about what a hunter shoots as most hunters are pretty safe as very few are shot by other hunters. BTW I used to be a gun safety instructor and am a qualified expert with the m16 and combat veteran. Enjoy your hunt but be careful try not to get too worked up or be a chicken poop too your fellow hunters.
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I also qualified as an Expert with the M16A1 rifle but my shooting ability doesn't make the AR (assault rifle) a good weapon to use for hunting.

Here's another consideration on the subject of using AR's while hunting.
I have a 7.62x39 SKS Yugo. (see pic)

I've since added a scope to the rifle, so now it even looks worse.
If I use it for hunting, how will I ever explain to some unknowing, non-hunter hiking in the woods
or walking his dog thru the woods why my hunting rifle has a bayonet and a flip up sight for a grenade launcher on it.
It would be a good rifle for hunting but not a hunters best choice.
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That's your call. Many hunters use Ak and SKS rifles. I doubt many would carry around the grenade launcher or bayonet. they are ugly but they work. I don't think it is right to chose what another hunter can shoot.
Pretty much every rifle was designed first for combat. I stand by what I said before. I have already been told I am not welcome here. I guess free speech and gun rights are not a priority here so I'm gone. BTW sorry that some of you were offended by the term chicken poop. I thought love was not easily offended, hmmm. Bye.
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