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AR-10 cartridge

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Hi guys I just bought a DPMS LR308 with a 24in. stainless bull barrel,Im wondering what the best factory cartridge would be best for killing whitetail and hogs.Thanks for any advice
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sorry cant help ya but im sure somebody can chime in
the .308 is a great round for both. First I'm not sure about the state you are in but my state limits the mag capacity. a fully loaded rifle can only hold 5 rounds. so check on that. we also can not use fully jacketed ammo for hunting for good reason I might add. any good hunting ammo that shoots well through your rifle is the answer to your question. your rifle may not like Hornady where the next rifle might. so you have to shoot several different brands and find the one that shoots the tightest groups in your rifle. those "assault" type rifle can be picky. I know my bushmaster was very picky about ammo not that i ever would hunt with it.
The Panther Arms DRMS LR .308 is a tactical weapon designed for Military Guardsmen and soldiers who engage an enemy., Wild animals are not an enemy.
No individual should choose a tactical weapon for hunting.
I stand behind every Soldier, serving near and far for our freedoms but tactical weapons were desinged for their use.,
those weapons were not desinged for hunting.
I would suggest buying or borrowing a Rifle more suited for the field of hunting! Welcome to the site.
i'm with bruce on this and that was what i was hinting at. just wasn't as blunt but i agree. sorry for any hurt feelings.
Dag Napit!! Bruce beat me to it again. Sorry but he is right. As a NRA Life Member I don't like saying it but it is true.
I would like to start out by saying long live the NRA Ive been a member for a long time. Now Im sorry if I affended any of you Zumbo fans,but I love to shoot my AR style rifles, and to be honest I dont think a deer knows what muzzel a .308 bullet came from a.308 is a .308.
Ronn,thanks for the advice Ive already checked it out.I just bought the rifle and Ive been spending my free time (hard to come by) in the woods bow hunting, I posted the thread hoping maybe someone owned one and could give me some insight. The 15 is a blast for varmint so I figure A 10 would be fun for deer.I like to shoot for distance and acurracy thats why I bought that configuration rifle,the only time I will hunt with it is out of my stand or blind. LONG LIVE THE NRA AND MAY THE GOOD LORD BRING OUR TROOPS HOME SAFE
gator they are fun to shoot and i always wanted an ar 10 just for grins. not many out there. i just think there are better choices for a hunting rifle but thats me. if thats what you want to hunt with you surely don't need our permission. to each their own and more power to you. for a tack driving platform, there are better than the ar type rifles in my opinion. the ars were made for rounds down range. thats why the sniper rifles are bolt actions, better platform. plus i think about the appearance to non/anti hunters. thats all. like i said the ar's are picky so its something you will have to work with. thats about all i tell you to try and help. later
Gator you didn't offend anyone here. My reply to your post wasn't an order or a demand, my reply was a suggestion,
a suggestion aimed at your best interest, like ronn says there are many organizations that are always looking for ways to
try to end our right to own weapons and/or ban hunting altogether.
Your choice to use the AR style weapons only fuels their determination BUT you have the right to use any weapon you choose to hunt with.
and once again ronn is right the AR's will perform very well but there are WAY better choices than the AR's for long range accuracy.
Bruce,I have those other rifles tried the ars love them:ibtl: have a good nite hope to chat in the future
If my poor memory serves me, we just had several posts regarding this style of rifle and carring it in the deer woods. Nearly everyone recognizes a person's right to use the rifle, in the same regard most would prefer that hunters carry a more traditional sylye hunting rifle. I am glad that in some states this type of firearm is not legal for deer hunting. I highly endorse the right to own one and agree that it is best suited for a different type of animal. The 308 is a great deer round!
I have no exp with that type of firearm, sorry Gator.
well if its legal than shoot it if ya want,to say one rifle is bad because of the way it looks starts us down a slippery slope sorry BB
I think BB is saying that it only looks bad to those that don't know better, ie anti and non hunters. but I don't want to speak for him. This slippery slope is one of the things the anti's want, in fighting. not that anyone is fighting here, just conversation.
i understand.this whole topic got jim zumbo canned from his job and all his sponsors left him cuz he said that ar's and the like dont belong in the woods.I get the whole anti thing but sometimes ya got to do what you want.i remember the old days people were proud of their guns and saying they were going hunting now outside of other hunters its like we got to keep undercover for fear of upsetting somebody.well in NY we got a saying for that but this is a family site so...............:whistling:
yeah ronns right and there's no need to be sorry Joel, I don't really care one way or the other what a hunter chooses to hunt with as long as it's an ethical kill.
what my posting boils down to is there are rifles better suited for hunting especially with regard to accuracy when compared to AR's but I never said he or anyone else couldn't use them BUT if he or others choose to use them,, their choice to use them is what fuels the anti's and other organizations and the reason those organizations don't like them used for hunting is because they (AR's) weren't made for hunting.

It's kinda like using a Tack hammer to build a house rather than using a nice 20 oz. Stanley, they'll both work but one is better suited for the job.
i hear ya:thumbup:
BB their accurate you can take a tick off a dogs a_ _ at over 400yds. with right optics.
as for not being made for hunting tell that to our grandfathers who use 03 springfields to hunt deer.
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