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any good finds yet?
I could not let there only be on thread here in almost 2 weeks
too cold I haven't been out
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Me neither GFdeputy... here in MO it's been raining on top of our snow, plus it's freezing a little bit. Then this thurs we're supposed to get more snow (3-6 in). Will have to put the shed hunting on hold for now. Sure am getting alot of turkey pics on my trail cams though..... WOOHOO!!!
None here.

All work and no play for a little while for me. Hoping to get back to the woods to place my camera back out with some kind of salt lick type substance before to long.

Hoping to look around some then.
All the pics i been getting still have 2 horns
usualy dont start finding sheds around here till about mid feb.
and if you add chicken wire to the top of the bottom side of your feeders you can collect horns that were loose n knocked off or got tangled up in the wire.
Are bucks still have them.. My average drop time is mid Feb also..
I keep a little book with find dates and locations
Well I probably will wait till spring now we are getting snow storms about every 3-5 days almost up to my waist (that aint saying much I am only like 2' nothing ) seriously we have way too much & yet another coming tomorrow night Hope the deer are doing ok I havent seen a deer since Dec.
This weekend we had a spike with one missing ...its getting close are bigger bucks still had them i hope they drop on me
use the snow to track their common trails. put in gps and look after snow mealts. might help you find more.
I found a nice side of a 8 point today
We have not got a pic of are big ten in 3 days
Looking through my pics this is one side of a 9 point ,found it in some honeysuckle along are woods


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Nice pic delbert. Honeysuckle that thick viney briar stuff?
Its thick but it wont stick ya,, it will burn good but that's a whole another story :shocking:.. 3 of us are going to make a long walk this weekend
I followed alot of trails this morning but found none. Will probably wait until early March to try again.
Still have horns on here in ky, be about three more weeks here.
Should be falling good here now. I did hear of some falling early, could have been do to the extreme cold we had a couple weeks back.
Don't know about you guys, but wish those deer would just come to my back door and drop off those sheds! hahaha
The antlers are falling here, but I haven't found a single one.
I got a pic forwarded to me from our lease of a fresh rub and scrape/licking branch combo just last week. I need to upload the pic. Doubt their falling down near the Alabama line yet.
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