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Anyone heard of these trail cameras??

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On some of the other forums I am a member of everyone is talking about these cameras. This guy takes Sony cameras and makes trail cameras out of them. Pictures look totally awesome. I have never owned a trail camera before so I am doing some looking and asking. Warranty on these looks great too. Seems like on every forum everyone is talking about their cameras "crapping out" on them. Some straight out of the box. I do not have the time nor the energy to send cameras back and forth to these guys. He says he tests each and every camera too. What do you guys think???
Any help much appreciated. Money too hard to come by these days to buy nonworking stuff.
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I've never heard of that kind. Just go with the most recognized and proven brands like Cuddeback, Moultrie, etc.
quality parts but steep prices to get them.
They call them a "homebrew camera" and yes they do take nice photos from what I have seen posted. There are DIY instructions for these on some sites look around some...
I've never heard of that kind. Just go with the most recognized and proven brands like Cuddeback, Moultrie, etc.
i agree with timberghost!
I've been contemplating building a home brew. Don't think they are all that hard to do if you can get the cameras at a good price you can save a lot of money.

I repaired my Olympus digital camera myself and had to take it completely
apart to do so. I found pictured instructions on the net how to do the repair. Olympus wanted over $300.00 to do it. Cost me $35.00 for the part from Olympus and about 1hr. to do it.
Well, I bought one of the units from JTS Wildlife Cameras. It is the "Tomahawk Cam" and it is totally AWESOME!!! There is not much to go wrong with this thing that I can see. It is a Sony S600 camera and it is wired to a small control board. Put it out in the backyard playing with it yesterday. It was picking up my movement out to 30 yards no problem at all. I think I am gonna be pleased with it. And it is warrantied forever!!!! I will be posting pics soon!!!
Yo LIVE2HUNTDEER. Since we are all pretty sure you make these yourself why dont you just post them for sale in the manufacutures forum.. Its free of charge and you can talk about them, post pics of them and the pics that they take!
I am not the one building these. I am new to this forum and this was just my first post. It happened to be about these cameras. I am sorry if I offended anyone. Just learning about these forums. I bought this camera, thought it was a nice unit and wanted to ask and tell you guys about it. I posted my same original post on several forums and this is the only forum that accused me of doing something underhanded. I thought that is what these forums was all about. Sharing and learning from each other about new and old products. I will pass this on to Jim at JTS WIldlife Cameras. Maybe he will join this forum himself. Thanks....Jim:wallbash:
Jim, I don't think that anybody was accusing you of anything and I'm sure that you didn't offend a soul here. Do keep us posted on the performance of your camera we all would like to see pics and stuff. No need to bang your head on the wall.
Jim I've been wrong before.. Usually when a 1st post includes a link its spam. I guess Im a little paranoid because I hate spammers..

Let Jim know about our manufactures area. He can post all his cams, prices, etc. for free. I looked him up. I have lived in the same county as him my entire life. Its a small world.
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