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Anybody use Chantix drug???

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I started chantix on Wed.. Anybody else done this to help them stop smoking/dipping? Side effects you had?

I can say this about being only on day 3. I can tell it works. The directions claim that you can dip for the first 7 days while on it all you want. I'm already down about 75% of what I normally dip.

Everyone around here told me about the vivid dreams you have while on it. I thought they was crazy but then I dreamed I went deep sea fishing with Oprah and Serena Williams. And the whole time we were avoiding the press and such cause they (O and S) were nuts about fishing.. Crazy.. I cant stand Oprah and I dont watch tennis.. :wacko:
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Hello buckfever. Being a nurse, from what little experience I have had with chantix in the past,(the docs usually prescribe nicotine patches of some variety or another) I haven't really noticed any alarming side effects among the patients I have cared for in the past. I did have a friend who tried it and she experienced some headaches and mild anxiety/irratability(all of which can be expected when one stops using tobacco products). She went from smoking one to two packs a day, to only one or two cigarettes a day. My girl has had her best sucess with the patch(she has been smoke free for six weeks now).

I think that if it is working for you and you aren't having any bad feelings while using it(racing heart ect), then you sir are on the right track.

Congratulations for not only making the decision to quit, but for also making the effort to make a life change. Stick with it and good luck.
good for you. I hope it works. had a buddy that tried the patch but that just had him hooked on dipping and the patch.

is chantix an over the counter drug? patch? pill? what? I've dipped copenhagen for a long long long time and would like to quit. when i do try, i do well for a week or two getting down to 75% less useage but then something stresses me out and thats it.
My mom has smoked her entire life then last year she was prescribed a patch of some kind and has been smoke free since. Congrats on your success in quitting/cutting down. It's always a great thing to rid an unhealthy habit. I wish there was a patch for fast food and ice cream cause that is what I would need. Oh yeah, I always figured you for a tennis playing talk show lover Buck LOL:ph34r::biggrin::wink:
Someone in NY please knock TG out.. "Talk show lover"???

Ronn its been copehagen long cut for me for about 10 yrs now.. Can a day or a little more for the majority of that time.. Chantix is a pill. It has to be prescribed. Supposedly the pill attaches itself to the nicotine receptors in your brain therefore not giving you the relief from stress or whatever else it is that makes you want to dip. It also makes the dip taste nasty. Which is amazing to me. They claim the first month on it breaks the nicotine addiction and then 2 months after that breaks the habit. I know folks that quit the dip and the pill after 4 weeks that havent went back to the dip yet.

I had some co workers that have been dipping their whole life. 33 yrs for one of them. They got off of it with the help of the pill. I have tried the patch before with no luck.
i hate going to the dr but if its a prescription.......may just have to go. 30 + years of cope snuff is long enough.
you guys would laff if i told you how i quit.
i wanted a Harley, my wife sead if i wanted it some thing had to go. so i quit smoking that day and the following weekend i bought the bike.
I want a 25-06 so if I quit smoking you think my wife will let me buy a new Browning
i wanted a Harley, my wife sead if i wanted it some thing had to go. so i quit smoking that day and the following weekend i bought the bike.
i take it your not single now. grin
Harley??? Surely you could have got something better than that!! J/K

Ronn I hate going to the doc as well.. Ive been putting it off for about a year now waiting to have to go to the doc for something else.. More doc work for 1 co-pay.. Yeah im cheap.. We have a doc that comes to where I work several days a week.. The other night I called up there to see if they could make me an appointment for when I got off.. They did.. Walked to the nurses station after I clocked out, seen the doc, 15 mins later Im leaving, without evening having to pay a copay.. Worked out great..
quiting tobaco is one of the best choices you can make for your self.
i take it your not single now. grin
yup still married. when she told me something had to go, she thought id get rid of my mud toy. smoking was costing me $150 a month, my harley payment and insurance cost less than $130. i got somthing way beter than any cigerett, and it cost me less. how could she be mad at me.:biggrin:
Man I just had an idea....maybe I should pick up smoking for a month and see if my gal would go for me getting that remington 700 and scope before christmas arrives. JK of course because she would kill me and I wouldn't even make it to christmas.

I like the way you worked that angle though NH! :w00t:
I tried using it, as for side effects..well I didn't kill anybody, or myself, didn't even think about it, BUT I did have really weird dreams, and I to put this...I was very gassy. I sounded like a in heat moose,and smelled like a wet wolf!. I hate to report they didn't work, BUT I had better luck with the patches.
Off dip for 1 week now.. Quit taking pill last Saturday as well.. Ive had to fight the cravings more but will be thrilled when the side effects of this pill is outta my system..
Pills do work if you even halfway want to quit.. I thought about it alot less on the drugs..

Buy stock in David sunflower seeds.. Their 3rd quarter profit will probably go up just from me...
I used chantix to quit. it worked for me. this comming January will be two years for me. I know its a twelve week program but I only took it for three weeks and was still able to quit. I quit taking it early because of the side effect I was gitting. it was making me realy irratable and extreemly snappy to the point my wife has got a dashhound (wiener dog) that I never did like but anyways that dog did something one day that was realy stupid ( normaly I would have never thought nothing about it ) and I picked it up and something come over me all i wanted to do was kill that little dog:surprised: but I didnt hurt it in any way once I reallized my mind state I put the dog down and told my wife I realy wanted to kill her dog. but anyways we got into the conversation of how the chantix was effectimg my mood and then I desided to quit taking. but I do know that it was in the news that people were killing their selfs that were on chantix. is some mean stuff but if you can tuff out the side effects it surely sould work for you. good luck to ya
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I'm a nurse too and have heard both pros and cons about Chantix, but can tell you the FDA has black boxed it, which means it could be dangerous. I'd go along with the folks that used an incentive as motivation to quit. Find something of great valuse that you really want material, spiritual, it doesn't matter. Concentrate on your goal and how the tobacco would interfere with achieving it. Sounds like you are almost where you want to be. Remember to modify your behaviors as to avoid situations that promote the opportunity to indulge. That's my 2 cents.
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