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anybody hunt small game with a bow?

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i was thinking about getting into squirrel or rabbit hunting with my bow. i figure not only will it help me A) build confidence, B) increase my accuracy and C) put different meat in the freezer(rabbit). so, anyone got pointers?

im mainly looking for tactics and gear with this thread. like what to hunt from(ground, stand, blind) and what kind of heads you use(judos, blunts, those wierd easton expandable things).

thanks in advance guys.
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Great idea!! During the first few weeks after archery season starts. I just sit against a tree 20 or 30 yards off of an acorn tree and wait for them too get the nuts.:rolleyes: I just wear my normal camo shirt and pants. For my bow I crank the draw weight down to 45 lb. that should be more than powerful. And anything but broadheads should do. I like to try and get a few before rifle season starts. Good Luck!!!:wink:
i was looking at the G5 small game heads to use for squirrel or rabbit. they look lethal as all get out and are fairly cheap. and as far as cranking the draw weight down, i think ill just keep it where it is. my bow draws 67# and i dont like re-sighting my bow. and i dont want to get used to a lower draw weight then have to re-train my muscles, re-sight my bow, and all that stuff. is there anything specail you have to do to field dress rabbits? or is it mainly like deer?
You should wait till the first hard frost before harvesting rabbits as the sick ones tend to die off during the freeze. And as with field dressing or handling any uncooked game animal meat, use latex gloves.

you could employ the same principles in dressing out a rabbit or squirrel as you do a deer.

the main difference in processing them will be the fact that you don't have to hang them from the rafters and they take less time.

the following has a little info that may not be pertinent to your geographic area, but is interesting anyway.
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