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Anybody ever had dry socket?

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Had a wisdom tooth pulled last Thurs. Developed dry socket. It doesnt feel to awesome!

Anyone else had this? Was wondering if it ever came back after the dentist put the medicated junk in the hole?

Mine was excellent monday after seeing the dentist but it had came back since then like crazy..
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BF, I've never had that condition. I did have all 4 wisdom teeth cut out and that wasn't fun. I had mine out in the hospital under full knock out. 3 days later I found out that there was 3' of packing in the upper holes that had to be removed, man that hurt. I hope your pain is short lived!
BF I have had dry socket after a wisdom tooth was pulled but never came back after the medication may take a couple days to work
Had a similar expierience as HM at about twelve I had all four removed at once from below the gum because they were impacted. Do not remember much though the painkillers made me sleep for days. The one thing I do remember is gargling with salt water a few times a day.
Went back a little while ago and they repacked it with some more meds.. We shall see.. Hope it starts healing soon..
Is it feeling any better BF?
Yes sirree BOB... That packing should last a little while longer...

I considered just filling the hole with some gorilla glue but then thought better of it. Dont know how I would get that stuff back out short of a hacksaw blade.
Never had my wisdom teeth out. Got 3 in full right now and one never dropped. I ain't getting them cut out unless they start causing me immense pain.
it ain't all that fun getting them taken out or having dry socket but I have a low tolerance for pain
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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