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Any mid tn hunters

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Hello New guy here looking to see if there are any middle Tennesse hunter here. Looking for someone that would like to hunt around Priest lake with me. Im slightly disabled and my wife doesn't like me going out alone. Lots of deer out there and i have a boat for getting away from all the easy to get to spots that everyone and there brother is at. If your interested pm me and we will try and knock some down. Thanks Mac
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Hey Mac. welcome to the site buddy. From WNY otherwise I'd go hunt with you anytime.
Thanks timberghost, I was just talking about the deer up there with one of my daughters new boyfriends. He and his family are from up state NY. You guys got some monsters up there. Well good luck this year!
Welcome to the Club

Some one will take you up on the hunts
Im from Middle TN but the lower half portion right above Alabama in Franklin County. Percy Priest is close to Nashville right? You should be able to find someone in that area I would think. With as high a population as you have and little hunting ground someone should jump all over that.

Good luck. Hope you find someone you can get along with and enjoy.
Welcome to the site from Ohio. That's a nice offer you made! Wish I live closer to you I'd take you up on it. I don't think you'll have too much trouble finding someone to share a hunt. Good luck.
Welcome from a fellow Tennessean. I live about an hour from Nashville myself. I'm leaving for a hunt in Maine in a few days, but when I return, perhaps we can talk some hunting! :thumbup:
Sounds good look me up when you get back in town. Good luck in Maine that sounds awesome!!
Greetings from Vermont Mac, Welcome to the Club.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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