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Any flintlock shooters?

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I shoot mostly two flintlocks for blackpowder hunting. I built a 54 cal Hawken rendition and I have a TC PA hunter in 50 cal. I use 100gr charge in the 50 and 110 gr in the 54 using a patched round ball and 2f blackpowder with 4f in the pan. Just thought I'd see if anyone else is using a flintlock and what they're using. I do have a 50 TC Firehawk I use for Ohio hunting, its for sale.
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I wish

if I had one I would be using it. The more the industry stives to find new technology to put into "primitive" firearms the more I want to go the other way. I use a percussion cap muzzleloader with a round ball now. Maybe building one (like you did) is the way to go. Is there some kind of kit or something to build these filintlock rifles??
The sky's the limit on kits, good kits with some of the stock shaping done is pretty steep. 6-8 hundred depends on quality of wood and how much work you want to do. Do it right and the finish product should be worth more than you got in it and you are hunting with something you built. Late season flintlock hunting in snow, it just doesn't get any more fun than that!
Is this stuff somewhat reliable, and safe?? You say hunting in the snow...I would never even attempt to make my current muzzleloader go off in the snow. I would hate to have to rely on it anyway...I would love to build one of those old long flintlocks...maybe I'll have to look into it.
54 cal? That's a cannon not a gun.:biggrin: What is the wieght on the ball?
i was using a 430 maxi hunter in my 54 tc renegade.
530 Hornady patched round ball. 1/2 the fun with flintlocks is the knowledge that sometimes the thing doesn't go off and the animal wins. You have to have a good sense of humor, extra stalking skills, patience to get them into that 30-75 yd range and if using a flintlock with blackpowder you won't hunt in the rain or heavy misty days very well. Other than bowhunting, flintlock hunting runs a close second to most enjoyment while hunting for me. With 6-8 " of snow on the ground and 20* outside you have the make-ins for a great memory.
I don't have a flintlock but I do use round balls with 75 gr 3f. I set it off with musket caps....
Hello from Germany!

I have and use an original smoothie long gun flinter in .54. I load it with 75 grs WANO PP, .520 RB and 0,25mm patch and a .54 boe button. 4 f in the pan. Up to 50 meters it shoots as good as a rifle. Here in Germany I hunt at roe deer and red fox.


You shoot Red Fox with that? Is there any thing left?LOL:surprised:
Whats that 54 boe button? I've never heard the term. Flintlocks you gotta love them!
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