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Any energy drinkers on here?

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Just wondering if we have any members that drink those $3 energy drinks on a regular basis.. Some fellows at work wear them out..
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i was when i was dragging my self out of bed at 5:30 am to go to work, then going from work to school and doing homework till late at night. just to do it all again the next day, but i havent had one in weeks.
I was in the local minit mart the other day and this lady pulled a wild lookin bottle out of the cooler. I was behind her at the cash register and she paid $3.86 for that thing. It was one of those energy drinks. I thought wow, I hope it was good. Aren't those things like 110% caffine??
They contain various ingredients. They tend to tear up my stomach. Long travel trips like 22 hr drives to Canada have me sampling a few.
We have a company donating some to the site for review. They are trying to cater to the outdoor community. If any of ya'll could be considered (half-way) energy drink regulars let me know and I will send 1 for your review.
i'll give er a try. how are they planning to be better for the outdoorsman than the rest of the energy drinks?
Have no clue.

Im assuming in their marketing campaign they have realized that the outdoor community tend to share their knowledge about a good product with other hunters. I believe thats what they are doing here.

"To tired to hunt? Drink this and hunt all day" The slogans could be endless when marketed to outdoorsman. We fish all day, hunt all day, drag deer out after dark, etc, etc, etc.
"need to pry you but out of bed 2 hours before first light". all jokeing aside you need a come-along and a crow bar to get me out of bed at 3:30 am.:lol: i normaly only do a few AM hunts a season, and mostly hunt late afternoon to sundown.
Tired and exhausted guy with a gun and energy kick in the woods. I'm not too sure how I like that idea.
Be careful with those things! They WILL give you kidney stones-----First hand experience speaking.:sad:
I seen something on TV or somewhere regarding the drink that elevates your awareness and keeps you going all day among the many outdoor activities that we do...hunting, fishing, hiking etc.... I'll try it out Buck send it my way.
alright.. so far I got timberghost and huntNH.. Any other takers?
Hell, why not? I'm in. Although, i do have to think of this....say someone's really sensitive to caffeine and they pull their scope up on the buck of a lifetime. Talk about the shakes, he'd be lucky to get off a half decent shot!
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