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any advice?

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Hello, i am new to this site and to muzzle loading. just bought a new CVA OPTIMA. anyone out there have one? anyone have any advice on how to find out what powder/bullet combination is right for my gun without spending a lot of money? going to be using it for hunting deer (with my sisters father-in-law) in south eastern ohio. also, is it worth the money to go out and buy the fancy scent blocking clothes or are the sprays just as effective? will b hunting from a tree stand.
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I personally don't have any of those scent blocking clothes. Alot of people do. I use an autumn blend spray over clean clothes and keep as clean as possible. I don't think I have any problems...but who knows.
is there any brand of spray that you would reccomend? any to stay away from?
Jason, you're going to responses ranging across the board. I use and trust the scent blocking type clothes and the sprays I use are unscented. I don't use that earth scent, mud scent, leaf scent. I use scent killer not scent changer. I feel that if it has any kind of scent and it wasn't there all along it could put a deer on alert. They say a deer can smell the difference in an apple from a tree they see everyday and an apple that comes from somewhere else. That's how good their noses are. As for your gun I'm not familiar with that gun but the pellets and the recommended weight bullet is your best bet.
thank you. i figured i would get a lot of different responses. but i also figured that those responses would be better than that of someone just trying to make a sale
I would go with the scent clothing vs. spray........and i also agree to get the unscented vs. the scented sprays
Hi, agree unscented sprays. I also crush fresh pine neddles and rub on my clothes while in my stand. Of couse there is pine where I hunt. Can't help on your specfic muzzleloader question. I don't know much at all on scent clothing. I do use hunter's hair & body washes and believe in steam saunas while hunting.
Welcome to the site.I use scent killer spray on my boots and scent free cloths some times.being in the tree is gonna help with scent disperal anyway.becareful what you touch with your hands is more important.I dont have an optima but a cva wolf and i like to use 2 50 grain pryodex pellets and a 145 powerbelt bullet with the green base .the best best is buy a few different sizes and get out to the range.start out close 25 yrds and work your distance.keep us posted:thumbup:Welcome to the site.
Hi, I own a CVA Optima Wolf. I use the 777 pellets. I was so impressed with it that I purchased one for my dad for his birthday back in march. After taking it out to practice he loves it too.
believe in steam saunas while hunting

Watcha' talking about HM??
Hey, in the two hunting camps that I hunt in we have steam rock saunas. This is a great way to naturally cleanse the body of toxins as well as bacteria. It also is the best thing for arthritis pain. We tend to run them at 150-170* their wood fired. When you hit the bed you feel like silly puddy and sleep like a baby. When I combine the steam cleaning with scent neutralizer sprays I do not have any trouble with deer scenting me.
hmm, thanks HM...I don't have a sauna, but I do have a hot tub. Think that would work the same?
The Native American Indians did the same thing in the sweat lodge.worked for them too
I have a home hot tub too but doesn't compare to steam sauna because it only goes to 104*. Its ok for sore muscles and just relaxing. Joel that's true about the Native Americans, I think they fasted and steamed. If the stories are true they had visions that they would interpret for the future. I haven't fasted and steamed and no visions, well maybe a big buck walking into my stand the next morning.
HM is one of those high society hunters. Geisha girls message his feet afterwards. Full time butcher and gun smith to take care of everything after the hunt.LOL:thumbup::w00t:
:pickle:wmi what's that phone # for those girls?
when we all going?
when we all going?
where is it? and who is paying? i am a little short on money due to not being able to go back to work yet since my surgery in march
Try many combos of powder loads and two different bullet weights to see what your loader likes. Dial it in at 50 yds dead on-three in a quarter size dot. Try 80 grains w/ 240 grain sabot if it likes it it will make it easy to have confidence with every shot.
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