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Antler Buyers & Sellers Beware

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I thought the article was right on the mark describing the issue. I, personally, don't buy or sell a racks of any size. The down side of the article was there was no thought on how to deal with the issue. Maybe what it is suggesting is that we go to our congressmen and see about getting the rules clearly defined. Not a bad thought at all. I think it should fall under the Lacey Act somehow. So maybe its time to get in front of things before it gets out of control and get the laws in place which should include clear and STRONG punishments. I really haven't given any thought to what is fair or what is not on the issue. My first thought is the best and easiest way is to just flat out make it illegal to buy or sell antlers or mounts. Although this just may have the same effect that prohibition did. Don't know. thanks Bruce for posting the link.
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I probably should have posted this with the previous thread, I'll edit and include it there also. Here's an Overview of the Lacey Act
as a subscriber to that mag i'm a member of the forums over there too.whew they get heated .the are discussing the rompola ?buck has anybody heard the stories?
Great article. I am going to subscribe to that magazine later today.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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