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Another winner for the Post for Cash

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I went ahead and drew another name outta the pot. Bukmaster was it. Respond to this post by May 24th at 10:00 am to claim your prize. I will also need you to private message me the name you want on the check and the address you want it mailed too. Congratulations and thanks for using
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i guess it wasnt ment to be:no:
from the looks of it joel its harder to give away money than i thought. granted $25 aint $500 but its still free. maybe you will get it after all if no one ever claims it.
well did he respond? pick me pick me awww come on guys pick me:nerd:
I guess I am still in the running too. :w00t:
Hate to see the guy miss his $25, but a week + emails = pretty good notice.
Hate to see him miss it too. im sure he will be in the running for something else though.
well?whats the deal
uh read the redraw thread.
yeah :pickle: :pickle: i could use it
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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