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Another lost summer

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We had a shift supervisor leave over the weekend which now causes us to go to a 3 man rotating shift, same as last summer. No fishing trip, long hours, currently doing 9-12 hr midnights, no vacations during the 3 man rotation. This bites. I've lost two summers now for anything but work. :ranting:I'm mad as hell and just gotta take it.:yucky:
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that does suck but maybe they'll try and replace the guy that left and it will only be a short term deal.
Sorry to hear about the work troubles! That will suck, not allowing you any time for relaxing, fishing, shooting, etc. 'Bout the only thing you can try to do is look on the bright side. You still have your health and your job :thumbup: and you can look forward to some hunting this fall, hopefully :yes:
Ouch that stinks HM Really hope they find a replacement before your fishing trip Good Luck
That does stink man... I feel for ya. That's almost like missing out on deer season!
Retiring age is looking better and better.. Hope they replace him quick so you can get back to normal..
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