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Another Good Huntin' Joke

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Here's a hunting one for you guys who remember 3 great Yankees players:
Back when Mickey Mantle, ****** Ford and Billy Martin played for the Yankees, they were always getting into some sort of trouble. They played and drank together, and carried on everywhere. Except when it came to hunting. Every year Mickey and ****** would fly down to Texas, then drive another 200 or so miles til they got to the property of an old rancher where they would hunt whitetails. This situation bothered Billy.
One year, Billy said, "Hey, guys, we do everything together. How about inviting me to hunt deer with you next time you go?" Well, Mickey and ****** had no idea that Billy was interested in hunting, so they said, "Sure!"
Next hunting season, they all flew down to Texas and drove to the ranch. As they were approaching the ranch, Mickey noticed that Billy was sleeping in the back seat, so when they arrived, just he and ****** got out and went up to the rancher's door.
After greeting each other, the rancher said he needed to ask them for a favor. At which point, he told them that he had an old mule who was dying. The mule was in some pain, but the rancher just couldn't bring himself to shoot the mule which he had had for so many years. He asked Mickey if he would shoot the mule for him.
At first, Mickey refused. He said that he felt funny shooting a domestic animal that was just standing in the front yard with a few cattle. But after discussing it with ******, who reminded him that the rancher had been very hospitable over the years by letting them hunt on his ranch, Mickey finally agreed.
Always on the lookout for playing tricks each other, on the way back to the car, Mickey thought of a great joke to play on Billy who was still asleep in the back seat.
As soon as Mickey and ****** got into the front seat, Mickey woke up Billy by yelling and swearing and complaining about how the rancher had told them that they couldn't hunt on the ranch anymore. "We flew all the way down here, rented this car and drove 200 miles on this dusty, bumpy road, and this guy won't let us hunt! I'm gonna fix this guy! Since he won't let us hunt deer, I'm gonna kill his mule!" and with that, Mickey grabbed his rifle and shot the mule dead, right between the eyes.
Before Mickey and ****** even had a chance to start laughing, they heard four shots from the back seat, after which Billy said, "Yeah, and I got four of his cows!"
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:goodposting::goodposting: but I cant seem to rembember where ive heard that before it was an old guy who told stories what was his name thats my favorite here ill tell another one of his stories

The Dog

one day there was a college boy named leyroy and he had came from a southern family and he was in some money trouble woth some people and so he called his dad and told him that if he would send him 500 dollars with the family dog a doctor would train it to walk, well his dad said of course having no idea his son was pullin a fast one, Leyroy liked getting in these situations and called his dad and told him if he would send him abother 500 dollars the doctor would teach the dog to read, and his dad said yes, well leroy wanted more money so he called his dad and told him that for 1000 dollars the doctor wouldn teach him how to TALK and his dad said yes, well on Leyroys way home from collage he nrecieved a call from his dad and his dad said "oh i just wait till you get home were gonna have a walking, readin, and talkin dog and we have a party waiting for you and the dogs gonna read to the kids" well Leyroy didnt have the money or a walkin, readin talkin dog, so he had a plan so when he got home he was met with his dad and of course his dad asked where the dog was and leyroy said "well daddy while we were at the train station readin the paper the dog said "i cant wait till we get home so i can tell your mama what i saw him and the maid doin on the coffe table" and leyroy said "and I got so mad at that lyin dog I threw him out in front of the train and killed him". And leroys dad said "son you sure that dog is dead?" llol thats soo funny to me
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:lol: :lol: :yes:
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