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An offer: Anyone care to hunt in Big Sky Country?

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When I lived in the Vermont, I would read about hunting in the western part of the U.S., and would drool over the thought of actually hunting out there. Although I really couldn't afford to hire an outfitter, I did manage on two occasions to squirrel away enough money to do just that. I had such a great experience, that eventually, I moved to Montana.

A few years ago, I was thinking about other hunters who might find themselves in the same situation that I was in before moving out this way. So, I got on a hunting forum an made an offer to guys who maybe couldn't afford an outfitter or didn't have any contacts in the west. My proposal was that I would set the hunt up - help with applications, get a place to hunt that I had successfully hunted in the past, etc. Basically, do most of the things that an outfitter would do, except take any money for doing it.

I got dozens of responses from all over the world. I'm not kidding - one guy wrote from Germany. Anyway, after weeding out most of them for various reasons - one wrote that he had just gotten back from a safari in Africa (like he couldn't afford an outfitter, right?); or others who seemed overwhelmed with themselves or disrespectful to the animals - I invited two guys to join me on an antelope hunt. One was from Washington state and the other from British Columbia. Neither of them knew each other or me except through our emails back and forth, so we were all taking a bit of a chance.

Anyway, it worked out great. Both of them got pronghorns - one, after only about an hour of hunting, shot a nice 15 incher - and I got mine.

So, here's the deal: I'm willing to do this again. If any of you guys are interested in a western hunt (Montana), please contact me by a pm. I will help you as described above. The only thing you need to pay for would be your person equipment, license fees, transportation, etc. This would be the closest thing you could get to a guided hunt, and better than coming out here "cold" not knowing where to start. Although I'm not prepared to offer accommodations at this time, if things worked out, we might even be able to hunt together from my tent like with my last two forum hunters. This would be a pronghorn hunt, but if you were interested in deer or elk, I could be of assistance with that too. ( I just happen to think that antelope hunting is more fun, less expensive, with better chance of success in getting drawn and getting an animal.)
So, here's a chance to do what you've been reading about in the magazines.

Please don't contact me if you can afford an outfitter or have hunted the west before. I am making this offer to guys who might not be able to do this any other way, and it wouldn't be fair for you to take this opportunity from them.

If interested write ASAP, as some applications are due by March 15.

But be warned: You could wind up moving out here too!!

Best regards.
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One Horse, that is a VERY COOL offer you are making. Its good to know there are still people in this world that are willing to help spread the grandeur of this country and the hunting life style. Not to mention that of the western USA. I'm glad it worked out for all of you the last go around and can only hope that this one is even better for all involved. I will be getting out there at some point. I have been invited to hunt in SD for antelope and may just try to take my friend up on his offer to hunt SD next year. So with that in mind and the fact that I am new to this board I will not be looking for one of those spots you are offering. I just wanted to take a minute and commend you for offering such a gift to all. To everyone who is going to try for one of the spots, good luck.
one horse, what a offer. I hope someone takes you up on it. This just goes to show why hunters make the best friends.
wow thats an awesome deal that i would /will take you up on .thing is right now i cant afford to pay attention let alone travel cross the country to go when im ready im calling you up
I would like to go in a heart beat if you would have me.
Montana Hunt

I would like to go in a heart beat if you would have me.
Send me your email address in a private message, and I'll get back to you with info.
Vermonters are generally polite. overly helpful always the neighborly type of folks, the type you would expect to encounter on every country vacation.
If you encounter otherwise, you didn't encounter a "Woodchuck"

Onehorse You are a great 'WOODCHUCK" indeed... I bet you haven't been called that in ages? :whistling:
I'll bet that's true. Its because VT, like NH, has changed over the years with all the influx of "GREEN" people and their liberal ideals. Both VT and NH have not benefited from the changes these people made. They have practically destroyed the thing that brought them here in the first place. There are few of the old schoolers left and God bless'um for hanging in there. But I digress.....
Hey Guys, thanks for the praise, but like I said, I just want to help someone who may not be able to do this otherwise. It doesn't have anything to do with where I am from. But Bruce is absolutlely right with what he said above about Vermonters. Even though I now live in Montana, I still love Vermont or as the bumper stickers read, "I LOVERMONT" and Vermonters. But guess what? I must confess that, originally, I'm from Connecticut, and that makes me officially a dreaded "flatlander".

This whole thing about where transplants are from has a funny side to it. When we first moved to Montana, my wife made a call inquiring about a place to rent. The woman with whom she spoke said that she was a fifth generation Montanan, so she didn't want to rent to people, like us, who had just moved here, especially "easterners". Anyway, when she told me of her conversation, I reminded my wife that she could trace her ancestry in this country back to 1634, to an Englishman named Trustrum Dodge who was one of the first settlers on Block Island (now part of Rhode Island). And, that as a person who also has an Amercain Indian great, great grandmother, her ancestry goes back even farther than that in this country. So maybe she should have responded to the "fifth" generation Montana that, as a 20th or so, generation American, she didn't want to rent from only a fifth generation newcomer to America.

This "how many generations" your family has lived in a place idea reminds of the story about a guy, like me, who once asked an old time Vermonter if his (the newcomer's) kids who were born in Vermont were considered Vermonters. To which the old Vermonter replied, "Just because the kittens was born in the oven, doesn't make 'em biscuits.":lol:

So, when I moved to Vermont, I was labeled a "flatlander," and when I moved to Montana, I became an "easterner". I don't mind the labels as much as I mind anyone assuming that I want to change anything about the place to which I move. If I didn't like it just the way it was when I got there, I wouldn't have moved there in the first place! (Maybe I'm the exception to the rule.)

So, let's look at what people say and do more than where they are from. If you love, respect and want to preserve our American wildlife and hunting, you can join me at the fireside any time. I don't care what you call yourself, or what anyone else calls you for that matter, and I sure as hell don't care where you are from!

P.S. As far as labels go, I will make an exception to Bruce calling me a "woodchuck". Knowing what he means by that makes it a real honor. Thanks for that one, Bruce.
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Amen, That was precisely the point of what I was saying. You move there cause you like what you see, so why change it. Just wish more people thought that way. I was born in Vermont, so yeah I have one leg longer than the other. Don't think I've ever been called a kitten or a biscuit. lol Being a Vermonter or being a New Hampshirite is a frame of mind and a way of life, so like you said it doesn't matter where you come from if it's a fit to who you are. You must hear it out there the "cowboy way". Over the last 20 years or so there has just been a change in what it means to be a Vermonter or New Hampshirite. All you have to do is watch the news and see the way pedophiles are set free with just probation in Vermont. That wouldn't have happened 25 years ago. They let pedophiles walk and want there town attorneys or town prosecutors to make out warrants for Bush and Cheney's arrest. Not old school Vermonter.
I guess that and taxes are the reasons Killington and there is another town in the southern part of the state that want to a secede to NH, that's no joke.
Well I was born and raised in Ohio and simply call myself an American. Labels are from people who have problems with who they are not who we are!
I hope that wasn't directed at me? You prob won't find a more open mind person than me.Try living elsewhere is see how it works in reality. I'm sure there are things that made you who you are that are just an Ohio thing. There is nothing wrong with that. That's what makes this country great. I agree we are ALL Americans. I don't buy into that hyphenated American thing. There are things about the south that are only southern, the west that are only western, New England the only a New England thing. I like to take the best of all of it and hold it close and dear. I was born in VT but was raised in TN, lived in AZ, and now NH, I'm planning to be in VA in the near future. Even One Horse has mentioned and holds dear that which is pure Vermonter in him. So whats wrong with that. Sorry One Horse my digression has changed your orginal post's intent.
Thanks, ronn and Hunting Man, you both made great points.

By the way, I haven't had anyone take me up on my offer yet. I'm confident that's not because I'm a "flatlander" or an "easterner". Can it be because I'm NOT a "Republican"?

ronn, you're right, we are getting a little off track of the original post, so just to get back to the intent, here's a picture of me with a dandy Montana pronghorn, and if anyone wants to put a label on this, that's fine with me. Or, you could put yourself in the picture!

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that's a fine looking animal some day maybe next year. Got to get that pass the wife so it might require a little sweet fast talk. lol its hard define what a Vermonter is if you haven't lived there. I'm a "my beliefs are mine and your beliefs are yours and I'll defend to the death your right to do so" kinda guy. it would be a boring world if everyone thought the same way. Talking only leads to understanding. Judging leads to problems. I think I just made that up.

I took it that your offer was to those that may not have a opportunity to hunt the west. OK maybe SD not quite as west but I was invited to hunt Antelope. So that's the reason I said I wouldn't be trying for a spot. Let those that have no contact out there try. I would love to sit around a camp fire sometime with you in an elk camp and STS. Either way I will make an elk hunt happen. At this point in my life with the kids getting older hunting is getting more and more of my attention. So thanks for your offer perhaps some day we will share hunting stories around a fire.
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How much do ya think it would cost to do something like this?This year is most likely out but i may be able to squirrel away some cash by next year.I got all the hunting gear so its transportation,food,tags,rental car what else?What are the time constraints?its a week long trip im assuming?
WOW that pic (nice pic btw) got Joels pupils shaped like Pronghorns, :w00t:
Like a Deer in the headlights, It's easy to tell he's gettin' the itch... lol

Onehorse said: "As far as labels go, I will make an exception to Bruce calling me a "woodchuck". Knowing what he means by that makes it a real honor. Thanks for that one, Bruce."
Just for the record, a "WoodChuck" is a native Vermonter or a person that conducts him or herself as a native vermonter..

The Following are Jeff Foxworthy’s comments on (Vermont) the Green Mountain State. They are as follows:

If your local Dairy Queen is closed from September
through May, you live in Vermont.

If someone in a Home Depot store offers you assistance
and they don’t work there, you live in Vermont.

If you’ve worn shorts and a parka at the same time, you live in Vermont .

If you’ve had a lengthy telephone conversation with
someone who dialed a wrong number, you live in Vermont .

If you measure distance in hours, you live in Vermont .

If you know several people who have hit a deer more
than once, you live in Vermont .

If you have switched from “heat” to “A/C” in the same
day and back again, you live in Vermont .

If you can drive 75 mph through 2 feet of snow during
a raging blizzard without flinching, you live in Vermont .

If you install security lights on your house and
garage, but leave both doors unlocked, you live in Vermont .

If you carry jumpers in your car and your wife knows
how to use them, you live in Vermont .

If you design your kid’s Halloween costume to fit
over a snowsuit, you live in Vermont .

If the speed limit on the highway is 55 mph — you’re
going 80 and everybody is passing you, you live in Vermont .

If driving is better in the winter because the
potholes are filled with snow, you live in Vermont .

If you know all 4 seasons as: almost winter, winter, mud season, and road construction season, you live in Vermont .

If you have more miles on your snow blower than your
car, you live in Vermont .
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that foxworthy skit is funny i saw the same one only it was for way upstate you read can read between the lines too huh bb.what cant ya do:wacko:
My point was not to tick anyone off, as I hunt with a varity of great hunters that I call friends who are from different parts of the US. We just like to hunt with each other and leave the politics at home. Guys I just got the feeling if I didn't live in a certain state that somehow I was deformed or something. Sorry for the jab, my best friends are from many states all over this land, they are the best people that anyone could have for friends. In our camp you will find hunters from NY,PA,NC,OH,MI, pretty diverse group. If anyone took my remarks as a negative Please forgive me, it was more a political thing than personal. I don't think where you are from has anything to do with who you are as a person, it comes from inside. I will try to be better at my comments in the future. Hunting Man!!!
Man what a great chance to go hunt out west. I wish I had a couple of weeks I could spend getting out there and back. Just having someone with experience to point me in the right direction is all I would need.
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