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The following is the latest entry into my hunting journal. I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed experiencing and writing it:

Weather: 55 degrees and Rainy
Wind: North 5 mph
Moon Phase: First Quarter plus 4 days
Kill: NO
Scent Control: Scent Smoker

I made my way into my climber that is in Jodie’s uncle’s woods around 4:50 pm. The woods are small at around 6 acres, but there is plenty to sustain deer, such as a creek, various oaks, and the woods are surrounded on two sides by standing corn and one side by a cut corn field.

I set this climber up just over a week ago over looking a creek bottom, with a trail that runs the edge and two ground scrapes on the floor of the woods. This is my second evening hunt, and third hunt all together out of this stand.

Early in the evening (5:30)I saw 6 deer approximately 100 yards away in an area that appears to be a place for the deer to bed. Of those 6 deer only one was a doe. The other 5 were bucks, and I would estimate the only mature one to be in the 135-140 class, I will admit that I am most likely wrong with the estimation. It was such a great evening and I was able to bear witness to one of the small bucks and the mature buck each rubbing the heck out of a small tree. You could definitely sense their frustration! Two of the young bucks began to spar and the mature buck let out a grunt, and began to briefly spar with each young buck. After several minutes two of the bucks and the doe cut right out of the bedding area and I assume they went off to the cut corn field. The rest of the bucks went deeper and out of my sight into the bedding area.

About 5:55 pm I noticed a deer moving out of some brush headed to the creek bottom. When his rack appeared I noticed it was a young 8 point, his rack was just inside his ears. When he came out he sniffed the licking branch just above one of the scrapes and then began making his way up the hill. As he took his first two steps he looked up and our eyes locked. He did the bobbing of the head that deer do when they spot you but just can't figure out what’s in the tree. He came up to the tree and completely circled around the tree. What I'm saying is that he did a complete 360 degree walk around my stand!!! He checked the wind at every angle but could never get a scent on me. Eventually, he just moseyed off without a care in the world.

About 6:25 pm off to my left 65 yards walked a young buck westward and eventually made its way out of the woods and into the standing corn field.

Right when clear shooting time was expiring in the woods(6:45), the gimpy doe, as we affectionately call her, and her two fawns walked 50 yards from my stand. They crossed the creek in an area that appears to be well used and I think I’ll regret it if I don’t move my stand closer to this location. Should I do that I would put myself in the middle of all the action I saw tonight. Any how, I’ve been trying to get this gimpy doe out of the heard for two years now, and this is the first time I’ve had the opportunity. I pulled back on her preparing to make the shot, but when I couldn’t get adequate light to find her through my peep I let the bow down. I decided that it was time to come out of the stand so I climbed my way down and gathered my items as quickly as possible hoping to catch up with the gimpy doe. I exited the woods and began walking the field line in between the woods and the standing corn. After walking about 30 yards I hear the doe hiss to my left, I jerk my head around and see three white tails jumping and running thru the corn.

Even though I wasn’t fortunate enough to get a kill, many great and exiting things happened this evening. The most important of which is that I now have better understanding of proper stand placement in these woods. I saw some buck behavior that previously I’ve never witnessed. And I saw 11 deer; this is by far the highest number of deer I have ever seen on one hunt.

(not sure why the text is different colors after copying and pasting, however, I tried fixing it, but to no avail)
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