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Ammo collectors

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Are there any ammo collectors out there. Whats some interesting ammo you'all have? I have a few winchester early 1900's 38 special rounds and box. Many old paper shotgun shells. 2 rem 30 cal dog bone boxes and a couple of 38-55 rem dog bone boxes these are mint condition. Looking for 38-55 Legendary Frontiersman full boxes in ex cond.
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does having cartridges for ALL my guns count?
no, we all have that! Old stuff you know like you and me:lol:
Old stuff you know like you and me:lol:
Hey Hey Hey I'll have you know I resemble that remark! :w00t:
BB I think we could add a few others around here:whistling:
I don't really odd some are but I have somewhere around 100 different calibers.Some include .221 Remington Fireball,.303 Savage,.30 USA,35 SLR,38-40,.17 Remington,30-40 Krag,.35 CF,.32 WCF,.44-40, many standard now a day calibers including,7mm STW,375 H&H.458 Win,.303 British,.444 Marlin,375 Win,300 H&H,7 mm Weatherby,300 Weatherby,and many more.I know most of these are just standard calibers,but trying to find just one caliber each is fairly difficult but also fun.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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