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Amateur videos, Pennsylvania.

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Check out Stormin The Outdoors. We're regular guys, filming on public land. Archery opener is Saturday so we're tryin to get ready. Found a big bait pile by the area we planned to hunt so I got screwed and have to move. Tons of feed around, should be some nice bucks this year! Let us know what you all think!
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Awesome, it's about time someone takes video of areas that the majority of hunters use: public land.
Thats what we think. Its hard to find the time to put it all together, but its really worth it. Cant wait for the season to start, we'll be in a tree on public land thats heavily hunted. Just hope I picked the right spot. Videos will be posted every week, showing what we did the previous week. Saturday until Friday will all be edited and put together for Sunday, and they will be up for everyone to see. Hope you check back often. Thanks for the support!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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