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HANOVER – A Claremont man was shot in a hunting-relating incident today, opening day of turkey season, according to state Fish and Game.
Todd Murray, 44, was hunting with three companions when he was struck by shot from one of the other members of his hunting party; the men were hunting in close proximity to one another.
Murray is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon. Fish and Game conservation officers are investigating the incident.
“This is a clear reminder for all hunters that you need to be 100% sure not only of your target, but of what’s beyond it,” said Fish and Game Law Enforcement Chief Col. Martin Garabedian. "We cannot stress enough -- make absolutely sure you are visible to fellow hunters. Camouflage gear is a great tool, but DO wrap an orange band around a nearby tree so other hunters can see you; and if you move to another location, put on an article of blaze orange clothing. "
No further information is available at this time.
Fish and Game issued the following safety guidelines for turkey hunting:

Never stalk a turkey. It rarely works and increases the risk of an accident.

Never wear red, white or blue or black over- or under-clothing, because these are the prominent colors of displaying gobblers..

Never call from a tree that is thinner than the width of your shoulders. Small trees won't hide slight movements of your hands or shoulders, which might look like a turkey to another hunter.

Never jump or turn suddenly in response to a suspected turkey. When turkey hunting, assume that every sound you hear is made by another hunter.

Never call from a site where you can't see at least 40 yards in all directions.

Never imitate a gobbler call while concealed in a stand.

Never presume that what you hear or what responds to your call is a turkey.

Never think that your camouflage makes you totally invisible. To ID yourself to other hunters, wrap an orange band around a tree.

Never hide so well that you can't see what's happening around you.

Never move or wave to alert approaching hunters; shout "stop" instead.

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I can't believe that stupid things like that happen all the time. We hear it during deer season as well. It's a good thing to post incidences like these on here to refresh everyones memories during each season. Thanks for posting this ronn.
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