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Well i finally bit the bullet and im going to plant 1 acre of alfalfa soon bought enough seed for 2 acres i will plant the 2nd acre this fall
I got a lot off lime and lots of trace elements i hope to have it all worked in by the end of this weekend
And plant as soon as the seed makes it here
If it all goes well i will plant the second plot this fall
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Although this might

Although this might seem rather stgnare, I have found the primary causative agent for breast cysts to be wearing bras, and every women I've known with the problem had it get better once she stopped wearing a bra for a few weeks.I can understand why you would be hesitant to do that, but there's actually a lot of information showing bras are bad for your health (especially tight restrictive ones). They cut the lymph flow, which amongst other things leads to cysts.Beyond that, I know a few people who have cured both by using the disolving process (which is explained in a book called opening the energy gates of your body), along with a few others that did it via energy movement forms which made the fluids flow within their body (the best one in that regards was known as gods playing in the clouds).I've also read a lot of research data supporting the notion that DMSO applied to the are a cysts or fibroids in can cure it, but I've never had any first hand experience with this approach, mainly because I haven't come to the point where it was necessary to do.There are a few herbal remedies which can help to mitigate it etc, but I am of the opinion they're less effective than DMSO so I wouldn't personally use them.Hope that helps!*I should also note none of the girls had their breasts get aesthetically worse after they stopped wearing them, an increase in size was the only noticeable effect.
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You're way ahead of us in weather then, still pockets of snow and ground is frozen here in NW Ohio. Good luck on the new planting.
Are winter finally ended 2 weeks ago
worst winter since i have been down here
I'm working high ground that drains well that helps
i want to get it started early The real farmers don't have any thing in the ground yet but next week rice and corn should start to go in
I will put a cage around a spot to see whats happening
I got the lime in the dirt and turned it twice today
i will keep turning it every other day until my seed gets here
then put in the trace minerals and seed
Uterine Fibroids and

Uterine Fibroids and Breast CystsHello All,I have uterine fiobrids and breast cysts. I am estrogen dominant and began taking steps to repair the damage. I have begun exercising as well as changing my diet free from red meats, dairy and coffee. My doctor and I discussed possible options and since I am fairly young (36), invasive procedures are not beneficial for me since I plan (hope) to have more children and the Fibroids are not yet severely large enough to cause serious damage, however they are uncomfortable. I also don't want to take Hormone Therapy due to side affects and my age. I researched online various sites advising the use of Natural Herbs to reduce and shrink Fibroids, but there are so many I want to know which herbs are BEST or more EFFECTIVE at eliminating Fibroids.I understand that using Natural Herbs it will take abit of a longer time to reduce the Fibroids and I'm ok with that, I just want to pin-point the BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE herbs to obtain. I've read the following are good choices:Vitex (Chasteburry)Milk ThistleLady’s MantleDandelion rootFlaxseedPlease if I've missed anything please let me know or advise the best most effective herb remedy to use. Thanks everyone in advance, greatly appreciate it!
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No the alfalfa called for sulphur, potassium , boron , and phosphorus
They blended it all together and put it in a bulk bag for me
I got 830lb of it to put on 3 acres
delbert the store blended the fertlizer for you and was based on the plant requirement? I'm sure you know the soil make-up over the years so it wasn't a soil test that you used to determine needs. Anyway you could send out the blend #'s you used for the alfafa. I need a good soil test done and figure out my errors for the PA plots. Early plots did ok and now nothing will grow but wiregrass. In turning the soil over I've learned that weed seeds can live 90 years in the ground then sprout when brought to the top. I didn't get to PA last spring to kill the plots and start over so I know some of my problems. I used a 6' king cutter rototiller behind a 4wd Kuboto and thought I'd have an awsome planting....not! :yucky:
I did a soil test to see what i had
I needed 900 ponds of pelletized lime which is = to 2 1/2 tons of ag lime to get my ph up to 7 my ph was 4.8 at the start

and i read that the alfalfa liked extra stuff in the dirt to thrive
so the guy at the fertilizer plant took my test results and what i had read that alfalfa liked . and worked up the mix
I got enough to do 3 ac
100 lb - Am sulf - per ac
100 lb - potash - per ac
60 lb - phosphate -per ac
16.67 lb - boron - per ac
Thanks for the info, good luck on the plots.
I got every thing but the seed in the ground saturday we had a chance of getting a heavy rain last night .
and i didn't want my seeds to go to deep or wash away
i rolled it and got a firm seed bed so all i need to do is scratch it sow the seeds and roll it again
can't wait to see the pics
I just got the seeds in the ground
conditions were perfect , rain coming tonight
I hope its not to early , i had great moisture, rolled it in 2 ways
It looks great , hopping for the best
If we dont have a late freeze i should be good to go
I hope the weather goes your way. We're still getting snow flurries.
So far so good i walked through today and the seed are sprouted and are trying to get into the ground next 5 days are looking good too
Nice timing! We're getting about 1/2-1" of rain right now. Temps are going up next week to 60's.
My alfalfa is coming along well . I need a good rain on it again before i put up a pic...trying to get some chemical together for a little grass control
But its growing ok
I got the alfalfa sprayed for grass control today
I had some Bermuda grass trying to come up, I hope i knocked it out
I sprayed shadow at 13 oz per acre
We have rain coming late tomorrow and another round by Saturday things should start looking good
What kind of alfalfa did you plant? I planted some from Imperial last fall the "alfarack". All my clover patches are looking great. The alfarack patch is getting hit hard lots of deer feeding it.
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