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I should probably take this opportunity to explain myself so I do not offend many of the participants of the forum. As I have found out from past experience, what you intend to say and what is inherently interpeted from your typed word are two different things. I am one who carefully evaluates verbage and usually quick to respond to presumed attacks on my rights, values and anything the can be twisted into doing the same thing. In doing so, I may come accross to some of you in a not so kind of way and may disagree at many times with what you have said. this is in no way intended as an assault on your person. everyone has the right to opinion just as everyone should have the right to sway opinion. sometimes I take the time to articulate, and sometimes I will fly off the handle in quick response.

bottom line is, consider the content and don't take offense. they are my opinions, views and sometimes preconceived responses.
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We've all done it some time or other.. I think its funny when now im thinking "man this guy is a complete idiot!!!!!" but now i am trying to convince him to remove himself from his idiot ways in the most respectable possible way I can type. Can be difficult.
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