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I have started back into deer hunting after being away for some time. Finding that my luck isn't so good right now. I hunt from a blind. Is it better to hunt for these big brown beauties the colder it is? I have been out mid day and am not having to good of luck......but I sure hear the guns in the distance. Thanks for any suggestions
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Deer have to move more often the colder it is. Therefore, you increase your chances by being out there on the colder days. They need food and motion to stay warm, so laying all day becomes more difficult. Hunt near food in late morning and early afternoons when the cold is severe. If you have mountains, hunt the south sides where bedding may take place as they will look for protected sunny areas to bed.
Thanks, appreciate the help
Right now with gun season going the deer will not be doing their normal patterns. The big bucks mostly will be nocturnal and unless the weather is really cold most of the deer will stay low throughout the day. As the weather turns cold deer naturally stay bedded most of the time as they go into their winter metabolic energy conservation mode and only are up and about during the mid-day for brief feedings. You should be seeing some deer movement just from other hunters shooting and getting them on the run so to speak. Look for bedded deer in areas where they are protected from wind. At some point your blind may not be the best option for locating wintering deer.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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