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Ok so I realize I really haven't introduced myself here and given a breakdown of what I use in the field...

I was raised most of my life in Montana/Idaho and thats where I cut my teeth hunting. I love to hunt and I can tell ya hunting in the Rocky Mountains is the best experience I have ever had. I now live in Kansas, ( Thanks to the Army! ) I finally was able to start hunting again and decided on Bow Hunting. Bow Hunting in Kansas seems like a new world compared to back home. Here is a breakdown of what I use and ya'all can give me your 2 cents on what ya think.

My Bow = McPherson Screamer
Trigger Release = Cobra
Arrows = RedHead Carbon Fury 4560
Broadheads = Muzzy fixed 3 blade
RedHead = 3-d Leafy Bug Suit
Call = The Original Can Doe in estrus call
Doe estrus Urin

I use the Hunters Specialtie's scent kit as well as laundrey kit. I read that whitetail deer see UV on clothes and in a sense your clothes can "glow" to a deer if you dont use the right laundrey soap to remove scent and UV.

Ok all this babble leads me to this, I have been out within the past week, 4 days hunting. I can get the deer in but I cant seem to get them that last few yards past the thick brush or out of the corn field for a "kill" shot. I can see the bucks antlers and they seem to be pacing back and forth like he is trying to make a decision. What am I doing wrong and what in the hell can I do to bring him in that last few yards??? I cant tree stand hunt and I cant really afford a blind. I do have camo burlap that I use to make a make-shift blind. The area I am in doesnt have big enough trees for a stand.
The area is a combo of 3 types of land:
1- On one side its a clearing with tall, thick cedar trees in grouped bundles scattered about.
2-The 2nd side is a tree line that has a ridgeline that drops off to about 20' and has a small meadow with a small creek running down the middle.
3- The 3rd side has a corn field, still now plowed down, you can see where the deer enter and exit the field and head towards the 2nd side where the ridge line is.

There are a lot of deer signs in this area and what has me going back is a set of HUGE deer prints in the mud. I have been able to hear grunts and scrapes but this is one smart buck. He refuses to come out or cross in an opening. I know I must be doing something to alert him that I am there and yes, I know my youngest girl has spooked a buck 3x's now. Any advice on what I can do to bag this buck would be appreciated! Think of the area I am as a pie divided into 3's, I set up about 15-20 yards off the trail and I always try and make sure I am set up down wind. i will be bale to post up some pics after today of the area.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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