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Addicting Air Force Game....

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Sorry Fellas, but I have to post a link to this game that is addicting. They say it's a game the air force uses???? It's very simple, when you go to the page, click on the red square and do not let it hit the blue objects or the black sides. How quick are you....??


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I just got 18.765.. correction 18.766

if the air force is monitoring that ame, they probably think I am somehow mentally defective, could not get past about 17.5 seconds
i got 13.165 on my third attempt LOL
I just hit 18.859 :w00t:
18.812 just not a good as you bruce bruce...
I know I got lucky on that one because now I'm struggling to hit the 17's... LOL

WOO HOO ,, now I feel like I have accomplished something today! :boxing:

Going out hunting tonight... temp is dropping into the mid 20's tonight here in mid MISSOURI. Going to be a good night and morning to hunt!

Good luck to all!:w00t:
Tator you're ahead of me by .004, I just scored 20.792

check it out :pickle:

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13.153 after a few attempts. pretty cool game going to have to try it on my desktop and not this lousy laptop
Since my high score happend... I have retired from the game... now if someone beats my score (brucebruce) I'll have to come out of retirement... :)
I'm ashamed. 13.197 is my top score. probably because I don't have an actual mouse for my laptop.:bag:
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