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A Vermont Albino Moose

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Albino Moose harvested near Norton Vermont.. <-story

Additional Photos of the albino Moose <-5 more photos

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Pretty cool not sure if I personally would have taken the animal though.
ive never hunted moose, but i think i would have let him pass too. dont get me wrong, i have nothing against someone else taking him, but not me.
really unusual trophy. Where legal I would have shot it. I too have no problems with those who would pass on it because how rare they are.
Read the story too . . . and no wonder the hunter(s) didn't want to be identified.

Personally, I would have had to let that one go, too!
that is alsome i would have shot it if other people pass on it thats fine but i would have shot it its good we are not all the same we had a member shot an albino white tail doe in north carolina last week i heard thats bad luck is it the same for a moose
If I was hunting for a moose and saw it, I would shoot it there's no reason to pass on it.
White, brown or any other color it's still a Moose, it was taken legally during a Moose hunting season.
I don't see any reason for the shooter to remain anonymous, the shooter has no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed of shooting this moose.
If it is legal then it simply comes to a matter or personal preference....
well biologically albinism is a weak gene so it's better for the gene pool to cull the white ones...although I can understand why some would pass it up because of how rare it is. But I would have taken the shot. A lot of albino whitetails around where I live but it's illegal in our state to kill them :thumbdown:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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