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A sort of "non-season" for me

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I haven't been on the site much for the last couple of months, but my hunting season wasn't much to talk about either. First time ever that I didn't get an animal, if not several - not a pronghorn, nor deer, nor elk! Had a bad family tragedy right in the middle of the season when my sister's daughter passed away very unexpectedly. Went to Florida for the funeral. This sort of knocked the wind out of me from that point on. Then the weather got brutally cold toward the end of the season - 10s and 20s below zero. I did get to do an elk hunt with my horse for the first time. The horses performed very well with the additional gear on their backs and sides, and we got into some great country, but no elk. Glad to see some of you guys did well. For me, there's always next year.
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Sorry about the family tragedy horse.unfortunately we all run into seasons like this all you can do is look forward to next year.Best of luck.
Sorry to here of your family loss. I did not harvest any bucks thid year either for the first time in a long time.
I too, am sorry to hear about your loss onehorse. I will keep your family in my prayers!
Sorry about your loss and better luck next year
Onehorse, really sorry to hear of your family's loss. I too, so far, have not pulled the trigger, bow or rifle this year. Going down the 8th to meet up with the son for Ohio's ml late season. Good to hear from you as always, HM.
onehorse, I'm so sorry, trying to find comfort is difficult after losing a loved one, my condolences to you & your family.
As far as hunting, I've got all my tags too for some O" that nasty tag soup but you're right there's always next year to try and do it again....
It puts things into perspective....

I also didn't get a deer this year but at least my immediate family did not have any emergencies. Sometimes it takes losing a friend or hearing of someones tragedy to remember we all have to be greatful for the good times in the field, and for the company of those we truely care about.

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