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A sad day

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At five AM I got a call that my good friend and coworker of 20 years has died. 48 years old leaving his wife and 2 children after a 2 year battle with prostrate cancer.

Tony was my right hand man at work for 20 years and he will be sorely missed by me all who new him. He was a stand up God fearing man who loved his wife and family who I am certain is in the presence of our savior tonight.


As for me I going to the basement with a bottle of Gentlman Jack
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I'm very sorry for your loss.....a few years ago my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Luckily it was found early enough it was removed and cured. Now my grandfather has stage 4 lung cancer.....Cancer is a terrible, terrible thing.
Buckshot, I am very sorry to hear the bad news. As you stated we are certain that they are in the presence of our savior.
I am truly sorry for the loss of your friend and our prayers are with the family. May he rest in peace with God.
im sorry for your loss. certanly he is with god now. i hope that knowlage is comforting to you and to his family.
I'm sorry to hear your friend has passed on, my condolences to his friends & family.
Truly sorry for your loss Buckshot.
Sorry to hear that Buckshot.. Will say a prayer for you and his family..
I am sorry for your loss buckshot... sounds like you are a better man for knowing him... I hope and pray for you as well... let his life serve as an example for you and all who knew him. He is fortunate to be in heaven right now, while we're here on this earth... Heaven is rejoicing today!
sorry for your loss buckshot i will pray for all who know him i'm sure he is walking with the lord
Prayers to you and the family. I'm sorry for your loss.
Best news (if there is any) is that he's in a far better place.
Thanks everyone for all the kind words. Looking for better days ahead!
Hey Buckshot, as the grave digger for the community I see alot. I've come to the theory that if there's anything good that can be brought out of this it is the fact that everybody had time to prepare, make peace, last words, enjoy happy memories, and anything that helps bring closure in accepting the facts. Not sure if this helps.
lost a buddy at 41yrs old this year to cancer,life can be cruel but rest assured hes at peace.god bless his family & friends
You guys are so right.

Timbergost that is true there was plenty of time to get the affairs in order. And make some last requests, he asked me to get his son out deer hunting and you can bet that I will.

The service was not like any I've ever witnessed that's for sure. Tony was a Southern Baptist and pretty well known Nationally in Gospel singing circles. There was some beautiful singing and I'll just say lots of the holy spirit.
That's awesome buckshot... funeral's aren't always a sad occasion. Especially if the person was suffering in anyway. I lost my aunt 2 years ago to Luekemia, but she was a very strong christian and she is in a better place now and feeling no pain or discomfort what-so-ever. The world was a better place because she lived, and I have no clue how many people she lead to Christ because of her teaching and witnessing.
We have a chance to have such an impact on people's lives. ESPECIALLY our children....
God Bless your friend...
Buckshot, just catching up on past posts and wanted to express my condolences to your buddy's family and your loss of a good friend. My two best hunting/fishing/friends/family buddies are gone also , Dad and my brother. Seems like this life can be so cruel that the big guy must have something better in store for all of us. I know that losses take time to become tolerable but I also know we never forget nor under appreciate those close to us that have passed before us. Pass that bottle around the ole campfire and we'll all salute those we miss!
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