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A good season

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Me and my two boys with the bucks we killed this year.
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well i need help with puttin pictures on here, Im not too good with these computers yet
You will probably need to set up an account on Photobucket or some place like that...and upload your pictures to there then copy and paste them in the thread....although....I noticed you added pics in your album...and you MIGHT be able to post them on this thread but RIGHT clicking on the pic and selecting COPY then come to this thread and RIGHT click and select PASTE...I would try that first if those are the pics you want on here...
well there is a link to them yall can go look at all 5 pictures.
Looks like you got some good hunting property. Nice pics.
Very nice deffinatly had a good season!!
I would call that a great year!! Deer slayers.
Hey congragulations.Im from Dothan and new in the way of big game hunting, so my year was only productive in the way of knowledge.haha.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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