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A good day hunting

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Hunted on a private ranch yesterday. We were looking for elk, but started seeing lots of deer tracks in the snow. I had my friend set up where I thought the deer might come out of the spruces while I moved back a bit and started grunting and using a doe bleat. Within10 minutes, I saw a nice buck coming toward me from behind. I think he was trying to get down wind of me. Anyway, when he was about 50 yards out, I nailed him square in the chest with my 300 WSM. Now, back to the elk hunting.

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Great deer Onehorse. Congrats!
onehorse, what a great buck, looks like nice hunting weather you got there. Congrats!!! Good luck on the elk. The PA boys got 2 bulls in Colorado last month.
great deer was wondering where you've been
Way to go Onehorse, good to hear from you too stranger LOL.
Very nice deer man..

I would love to be in that situation.. "Well we was actually hunting for elk but seen some good deer sign so we set up and got this brute." :biggrin:

Thats awesome, congrats on the deer.
Wow, great buck! I guess that's one situation where you don't mind deviating from the plan.
What a NICE buck, Congats. Now go get a elk and show us some pics!!!
Does that buck have blue eyes??? Or am I a total wack job?!?!?!?
the eyes look blue down here...nice buck onehorse.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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