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A couple of articles

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I thought I'd leave some links to some of the articles I've had published online. I was not sure whether to put them in this area or not, but it seemed the best. Read (or not!) as you like. :thumbup:


Eastern Woods Rifles

Rifles for Hunting from Tree Stands

8x57 Mauser Rifle Cartridge

A Remarkable Trio! (6.5x55, 8x57 and .45-70)
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i like your eastern woods rifle. what you describe as a woods rifle, i know as a brush gun, which is a somewhat misleading name and leads to a lot of misconceptions.
Good articles Ed! Ronn, I too call them brush guns but agree it's a bad title because there is nothing really that will cut brush and hit what you were aiming at. I still hunt with a Savage 99 in 300 sav and look forward to using the Win 88 in 308 this fall. The bad thing about the 1st article is it brings back memories of rifles I've sold over the years that fit into your article very well. 35 rem model 141, 375 win 94, 444 marlin, 32 win spec model 94, ect, wish I had them all back now. Woods rifles, American classics, pretty much says it all!
Thanks. The M88 is a great rifle and although I really enjoy the one in .308 I have now, I'd really like some day to add one in .358 as well. Not sure that will ever happen though due to the $$ they seem to bring today. :no:

I have been able to find in the last couple years a couple of good deals on nice older Marlins in both .375 and .444 and they are going nowhere, except the woods! :thumbup:
I enjoyed the rifles for hunting from tree stands article.... nice work!
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