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777 pellets or powder????

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What you guys think?? Im leaning towards the pellets. Is there a brand of powder you would recommend?? Thanks again!
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I've used the 777 pellets for the last several years and have had good luck with them. Pretty fast clean-up and accurate using two 50gr pellets with a 295gr powerbelt bullet in my Optima.
Shot almost everything on the market since 2000. I used to use a lot of 777 but just could never forgive the powder ring thing after a shot or two, so I tried the Blackhorn 209 powder and I will never go go back to anything but this again. Yes it is pretty expensive but so is driving to the store to buy it.
I always felt that if I expend all this energy and resourses on trying to get a nice animal that if and when the opportunity arises I want the best possible chance of sucess. I like the Blackhorn with a good sabot of at least 250 grain.
I'm not a pellet guy. Black Horn is a great powder. I shoot traditional black powder in the flintlocks so I'm not concerned about loose powders like 777 for clean-up, you still have to clean after shooting regardless what powder you use. Is Black Horn worth the extra $, only the shooter can make their own decision. BH burns cleaner leaving less residue and has some extra moisture resistance. I'm nearly out of BH and I am out of 777 so I get to go to Bass Pro and probably purchase both. If you're shooting anything other than an in-line don't shoot BH, this is a direct statement from BH representative. It states right on the label for 209 in-line muzzleloaders. Heck, I still have Pyrodex RS coupled with a TC Maxi-hunter HP in the TC FireHawk will give 1" groups @100 yds. My son prefers 777 in the same ML'der. BH most likely won't make you more accurate maybe just a tad happier on the clean-up end of things. I'm sure you will get a whole host of in-put on this subject and rightly so. That's my take!
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Guys thanks for all the great advice guys. What would i have to buy extra if i shoot the BH. I have only used pyrodex pellets with my ML.
quality powder measure. I prefer the brass type with the built in funnel on top.
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