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I don't know if any of you have one of these or not, but I thought this could be helpfull to some of you. Ammo for this rifle is beeing made again,I have spent way too much for a box of this ammo.It's flat and very accurate. Over the years I have killed alot of groundhogs with it.I had horses for a long time,me and groundhogs,,well let's just say we don't get along. I lost one of my best fillies to a groundhog whole.The Remington 591 & 592 5MM also is great for turkeys,out to 100 yards.If your state let's you use a rifle for turkeys.This new shell is a 30 gr. instead of Rem. 38 gr.I fell that it gives me a tighter group. I zerowed 1/4 in high @ 50 yds... bad out to 150.These shells can be bought for $15.oo a box.[50] Dont let your dad or friend spend way too much for these shells because they don't know about this.I hope that this helpes someone who loves there 5MM as much as I do mine.
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