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.54 CVA Mountain Rifle

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Took the 54cal cva mountain stalker out today. I needed some play time with it. 2 weeks ago i cleaned the bore and applied Bore coat inside of the bore. Man that is some good stuff! You always hear about American Pioneers "reverse crud ring" at the muzzle. NONE! The bore loaded like it was fully cleaned after 12 shots. No sticking, no having to break out in a sweat.

100gr American Pioneer 2f, .015 patch, .530 round ball @ 50 yards

7 shots with 100gr Jim Shockeys Gold * Felt like 60gr APP 2F* and then another 5 shots with 100gr American Pioneer 2f * That woke me up!*

After i clean it tonight i am going to get the drill bits and press and do my typical "Dish" on the nipple and get the flame to spread around in the Drum.

Good shooting rifle too but i am going to test out some .018 pillow tick now that i can load it up easy
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OH POO! Don't make me get out my old .50 cal. Hawkins, I've retired it and I am switching to my new Inlines. I have the trigger set screw taken out and the pull on that sucker is like mental. In other words,you rest your finger on the trigger and just THINK about pulling it and it goes off.
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