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52 cal load

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I've been looking at getting a Knight long-range hunter in 52 cal for a while and found that they can use saboted .458 cal bullets, does anyone know of a load that uses 500 gr. .458 bullets like the Barnes TSX? Is such a load even possible? I'm just curious.:unsure::confused: I want to use a muzzleloader for grizzly bear and figured if such a load is possible, this would be the load to use.
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dont know HM or onehorse?
As Joel said, HM or Onehorse may have great insight for you. But welcome to the site and get pics of Mr. Grizzly when you get him.
Sorry on this one, I don't have any updated knowledge on this newer bullet offering. A bit of old history, many of the the origional Hawken rifles were in 52 cal using upwards of 120 grs of blackpowder. Wishi could be of more help but....
your best bet would be contact Knight directly. I'm sure they would be more than happy to answer your questions.
survey says......good answer
I just ordered the mountaineer for the dyna coat that the long range hunter does not have. I have a disc extreme now that I love but I am looking forward to longer range shots, mostly at the range. Most of my kills here happen between forty and ninety yards. I am looking forward to teetering at the range and getting it dialed in and maybe one day taking a trip out to a place where the shots are long and the Bucks are huge. Happy hunting.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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