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.50 Cal Inline Sabots & Bullets - need advice

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I shoot an Accura .50 with 2- 777 pellets and 777 primer, so far that is what works best for me. Inch groups at a hundred yds? Can't argue with that combo, if the sabots load well after first fire I would just stick with that... in my opinion.
I hear you... other gents here are much more knowledgable then I , maybe they can help you a little better. It sure is fun stuff, whatever you use!:thumbup:
Hard to help someone shooting 1" groups. I suggest you try the Barnes sabots in your gun to see how they do. It's the best expanding bullet you can buy.

If you want a Barnes bullet that's bore size and uses no sabot. Try the Thor bullet. They shoot better than any sabot i've tried.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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