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5 deer

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First off I'll be up front with you. This is only my second year bow hunting. I didn't get a deer last year. I practiced my butt off this summer. I've practiced so I can hit at 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 yards accurately. I want to get a deer so bad. Hubby and I sat in the blind this morning and a doe was at 20 yards. She was broadside standing still as a statue. I pull baxk, set the pin on her, and let the arrow fly. Clean miss. She's still there. She's not going anywhere. Pull back, aim, arrow flies and again. Clean miss. She's still there and I repeat this process another three times and you guessed it. Miss, miss, miss. No more arrows. Done. She's still there. I'm setting there about to have a fit. Finally we get out after she's gone. Go home and I head straight for the backyard. At this point I'm thinking I must have bumped the site or something. I shoot. Dead on. After a couple shots I'm starting to get cold. I put my thick warm face mask on. Shoot. Can't hit a thing. I guess I'm gonna have to invest in a beannie hat and a good thick scarf. Stupid hat. No deer.
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Hang in there! A lot of bow hunters have this same issue when they first pick up a bow. Shooting from a stand with all your gear on is different than shooting in your back yard. You already got it figured out and next time that doe is at 20 yards she will go down.
agree with BF I try to practice all different scenarios from my early fall gear to my cold weather gear as our bow season goes from Sept 15 to Dec 15 I also practice with my backpack on along with the usual angle shots Good Luck if you have the time (5 shots Wow never had a deer stay around for a second shot) take the time to make sure you are using the correct pin nocking the same way ect.... this is usually the problem get excited & not doing something the same as when you are practicing

Definitely going to do some practicing in my gear. I've got another stand that's had alot of does coming in. Hopefully next time will be better.
Dont kick yourself to hard. This is my first year really bowhunting also Ive made a few hunts. Although I did get a deer last ekk first Bow Deer) and gained confidence with my Bow) I had two shots at a doe Sunday morning and missed both times clean. similar situation it was cold so I had my Fancy new hungting coat on after second miss i realized that my string was hitting the coat sleeves. we learn and get better. There are a lot more variables inbow hunting than rifle hunting for sure. keepp at it youll get your deer.
Don't let it get to you--- I missed a NICE 8pt last night- shot low. and on impact with the ground, broke my arrow. Could've taken 3 does last night as well, but don't want to shoot any of them just yet.

Bow hunting can SUCK. Trust me. I know. Saturday night, I had that same 8pt that I saw last night and another buck, a 9pt, come in together from my right side. Plus the stand I was in had a shooting rest on it (it was a two person stand). Those two things made it impossible for me to even get a shot off. Made me sick. That's why I went back out last night and still don't have anything to show for it. If it were rifle season, I'd have me a nice buck and at least one buck from this weekend!
KansasDoe, I found this video to help me explain what I think is happening to you.
I think the Deer are jumping the string. A deer will drop it's entire body width as they begin to bound off.

My advice would be to increase the draw weight on your bow a little more or aim about 6 inches lower on the deers body.

Good Luck!!!!

Some lessons you learn the hard way. Bow hunting is all about form. Shooting exactly the same way every time regardless of the scenario. Your hat is changing your anchor point and that will change the aim point. You have it figured, either practice with the one you're wearing and adjust the sights accordingly or change so that your anchor point remains the same.

Form applies to everything from the waist up. You have to lock in every aspect of you shot. One common mistake is we practice on level ground and shoot from an elevated position. In your case it may be standing to practice and trying to shoot sitting down. In both cases you have to keep you arms in the same position as it relates to the body. When shooting from an elevated position it is easy to drop the arms instead of bending at the waiste which keeps your shooting form intact.

Good luck and hang in there.
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