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Ok many of you will just pee out the tree but what if your in your tree and have to go #2? I bet no-one goes off the end of the climber. I will admit once I didnt want to climb down but had to go. A trash bag comes in handy in this situation. Slide your sling seat forward, remove your orange vest[you dont want an audience here] stick you butt in the bag and let-r-rip. I always have paper towels and hand sanitizer in my pack so that helps. A rope to lower the bag is important. If beforehand you feel irregular, blind hunting with a small shovel would probably be the ticket. This might be too much info for some of you but its all a part of us sometime.
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I'm coming out of the woods. I only poop on the white throne
I'm coming out of the woods. I only poop on the white throne
I'm with BodyBag on this one....
So you guys are done for the day if you need to poop!Hang your butt over a log and be done with it...

I am lucky in this respect. Where I hunt the most there is a Sugar Shack which has an outhouse. Just have to walk over there and back.
Seriously !. I try not to go while hunting also but if you must then kick out a depression and bury it when done ! Plan and pick an area where you won't be on stand . Use it to your advantage and use it as a deterent to funnel deer to you using the wind.
yea but most people dont bury it. Ive walked up on more than one but usually the white paper on the ground is a signal to go the other way and watch your step. Last year a buddy of mine saw my truck and parked then pooped about 50 yards from our trucks then was at his truck when I came out about noon. I knew nothing about what he had done, and we were still hunting during a dog hunt. Well 2 dogs showed up at the truck, I gave them some water and got to talkin and didnt pay em no mind. The owners of the dogs pulled up to load em and they wouldnt come to em. Joey said oh man I crapped over there earlier and they were over there rolling all in it. The guys daughter went over to get em and needless to say we got cussed out and I didnt do nothin. I was scared for my truck after that and hunted elsewhere so I wouldnt have a tire slashed. That was so embarrasing.
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