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When Im in my tree I occationally have to go. Now I have used those wide mouthed bottles but have recently switched to ziplocks. Be sure to hold on to em good though! Now with a full ziplock I carry a wine cork with some pushpin tacks stuck in it and just hang the bag on the tree, opposite side of course. You dont want to be sitting back and think its a backrest for a second before she blows. At the end of the sit I lower it with my pullup rope and can dump it and throw the bag away. No need to wash nothing out. Now I had another thought. What if, while the bag was hanging, I opened it a bit so the scent would disperse possibly masking my scent? I have read that deer cant determine what animal different urines come from but Im not convinced, in fact they would probably know it was predator urine if it was on the ground with their nose planted in it, but wafting thru the air i wonder? It would be blowing downwind with my scent anyway so it probably wouldnt hurt and may help.
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thats some enginuity right there not sure if it will work but that took some thinking to build that plan up
was gonna start a new thread but decided not to

since you were on the topic of new ideas my step dad who is also my #1 huntin buddy and i thought up a genius plan to make a scent trail like a drag rag but different we took doe urine and put it in a clean flonase type bottle so that it would be a light mist and not to potent then while walking through the woods to your stand just give it a squirt every however often you like and it lets the wind take the sent on to leaves and tall grass so that you human scent is nowhere on the scent that you are putting out we had a small buck take to our idea stopping to sniff almost everywhere we sprayed the mist then he cam right next to the staand walked around a few minutes then went on his way. just another thought:whistling:
Nice tip bowhunting.. Airbourne did a review on the Buck Bomb spray and used that very similar to how you use the bottle.

Im out on the ziploc. Seems like it would be a little on the flimsy side. I'd just make a mess and have pee all over myself. Im still young. If I limit my water intake I can hold it till I leave.
My brother in law just pees right out of his stand. He says that he used to hold it thinking it would ruin his chances because of the scent. One day he had to go and afterwards a little later, he had a buck walk right up to it on the ground.

Ever since then he just pees out of his stand, and he takes deer every season.
i used to pee in gatorade bottles now i just go off stand doesnt hurt my success at all,im starting to think pee is pee to deer
i used to pee in gatorade bottles now i just go off stand doesnt hurt my success at all,im starting to think pee is pee to deer
I'm beginning to think the same way Joel.
During Bow season on one of my morning hunts, As I was leaving the woods I couldn't hold it any longer, I had to visit a nearby tree.
When I went back for the afternoon hunt I watched a Doe walk right past the same tree I used,,, NOW I wish I had used a Closer Tree!
Heres a good story that goes perfect with this thread. I was bowhinting Nov.14 during the "Seek and Chase" phase of the rut. I had seen two small bucks chasing a doe early. Well, nature called and I didn't want to pee out of my stand and scent up the area. I carefully and quietly got out of my stand, leaving my bow in the stand, walked 40 yards away to a creek and took a leak. On my way back to my treestand a nice but jump up and bounded away from my treestand. He was at wide and heavy horned and not more than 50 yards from my stand, in the direction that deer typically come from to pass by that stand. If this psot was created earlier I just may have gone out of the stand and maybe I would have seen that buck closer.

These are some interesting thoughts in this thread that are very relevent to every hunt.
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while it may not hurt, why take the chance? for me, aquafina 1 liter with the wide mouth. pack it in and pack it out.
I usually drink a Monster Triple shot on the stand (with the srew on cap). By the time it is gone, I fill it up again.

I'm not taking a chance. Scent free in, scent free out
just make sure the cap is screwed on tight i ruined a good pack due to spillage that was the decieding factor for me to stop peeing in bottles:yucky:
pee in a bottle while in the thanks. That's taking it a little too far. lol
yeah its a bit of a high wire act that im getting too old for:no:
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