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4000 posts

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Buckfever just registered his 4000th post. being a member since 2006, that would be an average of 1000 post per year.

Im not saying you talk too much. but, man thats a lot of posting.
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He's probably strutting out on his back deck waking the neighbors up at daybreak.
I do believe that he is the founder of this site and 1,000 of his posts were most likely from him chatting with himself waiting for members to join up.....oops LOL
Grins from ear to ear.
You nailed it TG!

That first year or two was spent begging google to index me in search engines. Alot of long nights emailing for link exchanges etc..

Joel used to be way in front of me on the post count. But these past 7 months or so in his absence I guess he got pasted up. Several folks average more posts per day than myself so Im sure I will be getting passed up eventually. I just had a 2 year head start.
Congrats on 4,000 posts, you should have to buy us all dinner or something.
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